Fantasic cage
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Album Title: Fantasic cage
Release Date: January 18, 2013
Circle/Author(s): hcbc
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1 - 昆虫採集/市蔵×きぃ。
2 - #2 Ambient works for Kakoi Nizimine / take×針子
3 - Melt inside of you / neL×夏
4 -ミッカンタルトの遊泳 / 6410×maco
5 - フラジール / 椎名もた×独楽子
6 - diffiliesn / pulot×meisa


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Other Information:

This album featured a CD with 6 songs featuring Nizimine Kakoi, and a full-color artbook with a picture for each song and lyrics as well.

This CD/artbook was originally sold at COMIKET, but was then made available on Alice-Books. However, shortly after release, the CD was sold out, and has been ever since.

Some notable VOCALOID/UTAU producers worked on this album, such as Siina Mota (椎名もた), and itikura (市蔵), and the official illustrator of Nizimine Kakoi, Koma-ko (独楽子) created the cover and a picture for the fifth track.

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