Fantastic Cage
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Album Title: Fantastic Cage
Release Date: November 03, 2012
Circle/Author(s): hcbc
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1.昆虫採集 / 市蔵×きぃ。
2.#2 Ambient works for kakoi nizimine / take×針子
3.Melt inside of you / neL×夏
4.ミッカンタルトの遊泳 / 6410×maco
5.フラジール / 椎名もた(ぽわぽわP)×独楽子
6.diffliesn / pulot×meisa


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Other Information:

Fantastic Cage is a Kakoi Nizimine Compilation Album. 6 artists and 6 producers are paired together to make a special mini compilation. A special edition totebag is included with physical purchases the day of the event it was distributed.

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