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Update for June 16, 2014

Previously the only way to comment on a page was through the "Talk Pages". This convention, started by Wikipedia while it worked on their site is quite clumsy and not very social. Enter our new "Disqus" powered comment system. Disqus is great in that beyond looking pretty it is easy to use, was compatible with Wikidot, integrates many social networks, and is quite easy to moderate! Needless to say it was perfect for us and I went ahead and implemented on the main content templates "UTAU", "UTAU Derivatives", and "Albums". We will keep it enabled for a trial period and if all is successful it will be here to stay.

In other news we had minor updates to many of the other templates, mostly bug fixes, as well as the addition of "2014" for the year an UTAU album could have been produced. Can't believe we went 6 months with that oversight but it should be fixed now!

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Recent Site News

WIP UTAU Page Creation
I've added quick page creation boxes to both the front page and sidebar for Work-In-Progress UTAU pages! Please remember that if your UTAU does not currently have a released voicebank but you are working on it with the intention of a release, it counts under "WIP" and the page should be posted under the "wiputau" category instead of under the "utau" category.

Misc. Maintenance
Hey everyone! It's been a bit since the last wiki update. I'm just popping in to say that I did some basic maintenance today.

Seeking Wiki Volunteers
With the recent issue with the wiki running out of space and my review of Recent Changes logs I have noticed several common thrends that can be addressed and you as a wiki viewer can help make the a better place.

Space Free: Stop Using .BMP & Size Icons Properly
Crisis averted! After quite a bit of effort, we have freed up more than 25% of the server's file storage by simply resizing and optimizing poorly cropped icons. With the worst offender, a massive 5000x5000px file that took up 5% of our total allocation all by itself.

Storage Limit Reached
I've just been alerted that we've reached our storage limit of 300MB and no more icons can be uploaded.

New .Wiki Domain
The UTAU Wikidot team is proud to announce we have acquired the domain for use with this wiki. All the links to the old wiki articles should still work, but all new visitors should be redirected to our new domain.

Comment System And More
Update for June 16, 2014

Updates - Sept. 5th

  • added Indonesia and Malaysia to countries list
  • fixed how empty forms display on profiles
  • added sections for Soundcloud setlist and YouTube playlist for voice samples

Private Voicebanks
Due to problems in the past with OCs, fanvocaloids, pitchloids and stolen voicebanks being passed off as "private" UTAUs, at the moment we cannot allow profiles for unreleased (noncommercial) voicebanks.
Please read the guidelines before posting.

Welcome to the New UTAU Wiki!
Myst here, posting for Yue since he's currently at work. I just wanted to welcome you all to the UTAU Wiki 2.0!

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