Jaime Phanto

westernname: 'Jaime Phanto'
kanjiname: N/A
kananame: N/A
utauimage: null
utauboxart: www.notreal.com/notreal.jpg
boxcredit: 'John Doe'
gender: Male
age: '‘16’
datemonth: '0'
dateday: '17'
dateyear: '7'
utauwebsite: www.notreal.com/
utaugroup: 'Macgwire Wood'
voicer: 'Macgwire Wood'
manager: 'Macgwire Wood'
encoding: '0'
aliasing: '0'
configured: '0'
voicebanks: 'Currently being made!!!'
voicesamples: ''
r18: '0'
commercialvoice: '0'
commercialimage: '0'
derivuse1: '0'
utauterms: ''
utauterms2: ''
height: '5''7'
weight: '132'
chardescription: 'He''s gay, he has a twin sister named Paris but she can''t sing and because Jaime has gotten famous for singing Paris despises him. He, sometimes, wears a choker necklace with a Triquetra symbol on it, he wears a Triquetra on his shirt, and if you look closely his left wrist has a tattoo of a Triquetra on it… Jaime is currently single but has a crush on a schoolmate… Jaime''s name is pronounced Jay-Me Fan-Toe… Jaime''s birthday is January 17, 2000…'
refimage: ''
refcredit: ''
image1: ''
onecredit: ''
image2: ''
twocredit: ''
image3: ''
threecredit: ''
image4: ''
fourcredit: ''

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