Kasana Lovo

westernname: 'Kasana Lovo'
kanjiname: 'Kasana Lovo'
kananame: 笠名ぉヴぉ
utauimage: 'file:kasana-3/kasana.png'
utauboxart: 'http://orig14.deviantart.net/f214/f/2016/359/a/b/new_utau_kasana_lovo_by_monsterhi3030-dasukir.png'
boxcredit: 'Lyynni candy'
gender: Female
age: '13'
datemonth: '11'
dateday: '23'
dateyear: '8'
utauwebsite: 'https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiz-NuW7476Q_tXqepaHCgQ'
utaugroup: 'Lyynni candy'
voicer: 'Lyynni candy'
manager: 'Lyynni candy'
encoding: '0'
aliasing: '0'
configured: '0'
voicebanks: 'Download:Kasana Lovo[ http://www.mediafire.com/file/1wxzj4kb4izd2tb/Kasana.rar]'
voicesamples: ''
r18: '1'
commercialvoice: '0'
commercialimage: '0'
derivuse1: '0'
utauterms: ''
utauterms2: ''
height: '97 Pounds'
weight: 'About 5 Feet'
chardescription: "If used, please give me credit. c:\n\nName: Kasana lovo ( loveer )\nAge: 13.\nGender: Female.\nCharacter Item:sweetie pie\nWeight: Around 97 Pounds.\nHeight: About 5 Feet.\nGenre: Pop, Rock, Soft Rock, Screamo, R&B, Electronic.\nSignature Song: None for now.\nRluse:\nPlease ask permission to make +18 content.(Gore,sexual content)\n- Credit Lyynni candy If you use her.\n- I would appriciate if you show the content you made. I WILL Comment and favourite it!\n- DO NOT make any romantic situations with male character with her. Friendship is okay.\n- If you find any problems please contact me,So i can fix the problem!"
refimage: 'http://orig03.deviantart.net/58bf/f/2016/359/2/0/kasana_lovo_box_art_by_monsterhi3030-dasul0u.png'
refcredit: 'Lyynni candy'
image1: ''
onecredit: ''
image2: ''
twocredit: ''
image3: ''
threecredit: ''
image4: ''
fourcredit: ''

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