westernname: 'Nico(a mispronunciation of the japanese term, "neko" meaning cat'
kanjiname: ニコ
kananame: にこ
utauimage: null
utauboxart: ''
boxcredit: Maxximisha
gender: 'Chimera(half cat/half human)'
age: '9'
datemonth: '10'
dateday: ''
dateyear: '5'
utauwebsite: N/A
utaugroup: ''
voicer: Misha
manager: Maxximisha
encoding: '1'
aliasing: '0'
configured: '0'
voicebanks: 'NiCO''s bank is in the process of recording. His ACT1 will be a full VCV recorded with plenty extra features such as ending breaths and ending consonant sounds. The bank will have complete otos, a sample of the voice material, official art and other whatnots(omake/extra folder will hold all of this).'
voicesamples: ''
r18: '3'
commercialvoice: '0'
commercialimage: '3'
derivuse1: '2'
utauterms: ''
height: Unknown
weight: Unknown
chardescription: "PERSONALITY:\nNiCO has no set personality, but he mainly keeps to himself and doesn't talk much.\nLIKES:\nCats, reading, going for walks, jumping out from behind bushes and pouncing on people, stalking, getting into trouble\n\nDISLIKES:\nPeople purposely ignoring him, getting yelled at, most foods"
refimage: ''
refcredit: ''
image1: ''
onecredit: ''
image2: ''
twocredit: ''
image3: ''
threecredit: ''
image4: ''
fourcredit: ''

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