Ika Juon

westernname: 'Juon Ika'
kanjiname: 呪音イカ
kananame: じゅおに いか
utauimage: 'file:nevtelen2/Nevtelen2.png'
utauboxart: 'http://fanloid.wikia.com/wiki/File:Suki_Happynest.PNG'
boxcredit: 'Nakashimi Nara'
gender: female
age: '12'
datemonth: '3'
dateday: '01'
dateyear: '9'
utauwebsite: 'https://www.facebook.com/animefrankkawaii/ '
utaugroup: none
voicer: 'none this is Vocaloid'
manager: 'none this is Vocaloid'
encoding: '0'
aliasing: '0'
configured: '2'
voicebanks: 'one Hungarian utau who does not have a regular bank… Hatsune Miku''s voice bank and latest update to V4xx'
voicesamples: ''
r18: '3'
commercialvoice: '0'
commercialimage: '0'
derivuse1: '4'
utauterms: ''
utauterms2: ''
height: '189 cm'
weight: '52 kg'
chardescription: "Ika was adventurous in the Hungarian UTAU community in April that she was a UTAU… Ika wears a white-and-red variant of Haku's gray/black-and-teal outfit, with a short and ruffled neckcloth and a dangling hair ribbon instead of Miku's long tie and trademark pigtails. Intially depicted with loose legwarmers instead of thigh high boots, but is often depicted with the Haku-style boots regardless. Her headphones are deep red color swap of Haku's with red illumination. May sometimes be concealed due to her long hair.\nvoice demo: https://youtu.be/AZmO3FS6MhU\nMikuMikuDance:\n similar to Yowane Haku, but there are some things to tell. The Ika 7 model-based MMD package will be shown later. MikuMikuDance's demo video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJGAP8vDW_4\n\nold version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwT_KtcNeP4&index=30&list=PLZDOGH_FGZ-Pk-A83VkCTMr4eZtyXnuVL\nAppearance: \nRelations Nara Nakashimi (older brother), Mika Kurasakhy (Friends), Izayoi Taishou (Colleague), Shikitakirinki (Colleague), Honne Dell (Cousin) Yowane Haku (cousin) Joun Kiku (big sisters) Kaito (vocaloid brothers), Miyabi oto (UTAU friends), Dexeris Panteru (UTAU friends), Suzume Besu (secret lover, friends), -Kotori- (Rival), Yume Neiko (terrorized friends), NeroC (secret lover), Haruka Orenji (rival) Lizabelle wave (rival) Megpoid Guma (idol) Hatsune Miku (relative) Sukone Tei (friends), Ooka Mico (friends) Megurine Luka (enemy) \n|LIKES |chocolate croissant, Red wine, Cherry liqueur, brandy and other alcoholic others were tortured |}\n\nScares\t\tMegurine Luka\nDislike\t\tMeiko"
refimage: ''
refcredit: ''
image1: ''
onecredit: ''
image2: ''
twocredit: ''
image3: ''
threecredit: ''
image4: ''
fourcredit: ''

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