westernname: VY5
kanjiname: VY5
kananame: ヴぃういあご/ヴぃういあふぁいヴ
utauimage: 'file:character-24/character.bmp'
utauboxart: 'https://sites.google.com/site/dunderhyphenp/_/rsrc/1461607425002/home/store/VY5%20Normal.png'
boxcredit: Dunder-P
gender: Genderless
age: '15'
datemonth: '3'
dateday: ''
dateyear: '8'
utauwebsite: 'http://adf.ly/1ZnxZ0'
utaugroup: ''
voicer: Dunder-P
manager: Dunder-P
encoding: '0'
aliasing: '0'
configured: '0'
voicebanks: "*Please note all banks are in the early stages of development\nVY5 is an american accented CV UTAUloid inspired by the VY series of vocaloid.\n\nVY5 Soft can be downloaded for free here http://adf.ly/1auwjk.\nVY5 has 4 other banks that are no longer available due to how bad they are, however if you still want one just message Dunder-P"
voicesamples: ''
r18: '1'
commercialvoice: '6'
commercialimage: '5'
derivuse1: '0'
utauterms: ''
utauterms2: ''
height: N/A
weight: N/A
chardescription: "Part of the VY series (But not really) \nLike the VY series it is genderless (Voiced by a male)\nIt is a fan.\n\nCharacter Item: Ceiling Fan Remote\nLikes: A.C. Units, Other fans\nDislikes: Water"
refimage: ''
refcredit: ''
image1: 'https://sites.google.com/site/dunderhyphenp/_/rsrc/1461607398983/home/store/VY5%20Experimental.png'
onecredit: Dunder-P
image2: 'https://sites.google.com/site/dunderhyphenp/_/rsrc/1461607449654/home/store/VY5%20Power.png'
twocredit: Dunder-P
image3: 'https://sites.google.com/site/dunderhyphenp/_/rsrc/1461607651501/home/store/VY5%20Soft.png'
threecredit: Dunder-P
image4: ''
fourcredit: ''

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