Talk: Oto Theory Tutorial by Cdra

Suggestion: Rename the "consonant" parameter to "fixed region". This is a more accurate translation of the original Japanese term 固定範囲 and better reflects the actual function of the parameter, which is to fix the length of that region of audio and prevent it from being stretched. The "consonant" name has created a misconception where this parameter can only be used for consonant phonemes or should always be used for consonant phonemes in every context, when in fact it can be applied to any sort of audio that the user doesn't want to stretch.
UTAU's official English translation included in the latest version describes this parameter as "consonant", which is directly based on an old community-made translation. However, we shouldn't let the stagnant 2013 version of the software hold us back, and using clearer terminology is one way that we as a community can continue to move forward.

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