FurryGlaze's Utau tutorial Voicebank!

Hey there! If you are looking To have your own voicebank You came to the right place! and I am not kidding! here is how you can make your own voicebank. First, you go to UTAU if you don't have the app Here is the link if it works: http://utau2008.xrea.jp/ make sure you click v0.4.18e installer then once you have downloaded UTAU you are now ready! so you click on UTAU then go to voice make sure you make a new folder with a name that works for you! make sure you click uta make sure to delete all those voices (If you have to) but I am pretty sure once you have made a folder (under or over) uta you would see it in the project property make sure you hover over Project(P) to go to Project Property(R) then once you have clicked that (make sure you X out of utau then come back to do it) but once you have clicked it you should be able to see your file that you made! (make sure you press that down Arrow) and you should see it!

The next step.

The next step is to download Audacity or Oremo but Apparently it might have issues So I use Audacity here is the link for Audacity: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/windows/ next you are going to record your voice! Here are the words.

And many more you could find online once you are done recording any sound you are going to open File Explorer (if you do have it open I recommend you to X out of it and come back)
So once you are back in File Explorer you are going to want to copy the voicebank you made (right-click then press copy) then go to UTAU then press voice then you are going to paste the file or files to your own voice folder you made (make sure you don't press uta) but once you have clicked your voice folder you should see it say Empty folder Or this folder is empty…(make sure you right-click then press paste)
Then press continue and there you go your first voice sound! to make sure it's on there you are going to go to UTAU (Again if you have UTAU open you should X out and come back) then you hover over Tools
Then you are going to click Voice Bank Settings(S) and there you go your recorded voice should be on there! to make sure it really really works make sure to copy it or type it in once you have done that you press the play button (to put in the voice you can press the little pencil icon) if you want to put some more but cannot play it
(press the courser icon then hold left click you should see a red line make sure you move while holding left click then you should see everything turn into pink that means you have selected them all)
then you will press play and it will play your own recorded voice! that means you have successfully listened to this whole tutorial And I am happy! this might have taken long maybe not? but you now have your own voice bank! simple easy Tutorial wasn't it?

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