Screamo and Growl Tutorial by Kassandra

Hi so I really like to cover songs using screamo or growl (not like rikimi or utaugrowl but more like a death growl type voice. like []). I'm going to share what I know about creating these types of vocals.

1. It's best if you use a VB created for screamo/growl

2. You can make any voice scream or growl

The reason why I suggest using a screamo or growl bank is because even if it's not recorded that well, it already has the sound you're trying to go for, which makes it a lot easier on you to create the result.

First, let me explain screamo. Screamo is going to be higher (in most cases), so I would recommend putting the notes an octave higher than where the bank is recorded (unless it's too high making a chipmunk sound, then you might want to leave it where the bank is recorded).

Clear off any tuning or vibrato and flags (unless you're going for the breath effect which is H90BRE100 or the moresampler effect which I figured out works with MG70MD40MC20 *MG = growl, MD = distortion, MC = coarseness*. Although I've never tried the moresampler effect with non screamo banks, but you're free to experiment) unless they're simple pitch bends going up or down because otherwise it'll sound like it's trying to sing and screamo isn't really made for "singing".

The UST should look something like this:


Some flags/resamplers you can use:

  • H90BRE100
  • UTAUgrowl + Y0w50
  • Moresampler + MG70MD40MC20

Let's move on to how these sound when they're mixed in FL Studio's effects (and I am going to show you normal voicebanks as well after this. Then I will move on to growling.).


You can download this feature here [] by scrolling down a little, click the blue link posted by lilravn. You will have to put in FL Studio's VST file folder, I believe. Anyway, when usng this I only recommend changing the voices/rate range slightly and personally I like to mess with the shape to get it in a weird zigzag shape.

This gives the voice a more demonic sound, it's also what Utsu-P uses (or so I've heard). This tool is kind of difficult to use so you can adjust it and the amount used by turning up/down the small volume nob next to where it is listed.


This one comes with FL and it gives a distort/screaming ish sound and it's called "Blood Overdrive". You can adjust this one as you like, but I recommend using PreAmp and turning the x100 on.


This is another tool you can use called "effector". It will start out on "Vox", switch over to "distort". You can play/adjust with the gain nobs, the x param/y param (oh and turn the bypass button off like the picture), the x/y mods and tempo. Oh and click/drag the origin point in the middle to get more of the effect used on the sound sample.

This one is kind of weird, so I won't always recommend it, but it will give an odd distortion type of sound.


Hardcore is your best friend when it comes to screamo. These are not the default settings, I played with the distortion, reverb, input/output nobs to get where I wanted. My favorite preset is called "classic hard rock xs" but you are free to use the arrows at either side to go for the sound type you want.

I'm sure there are other effects you know of in utau, fl or other mixing programs, but I hope these help.

Okay, so that wraps up what I do for screamo banks AND normal voicebanks (although it helps if they're whisper or kire) to create that screamo effect (although obviously I play with the settings and change them every time I cover a song, I mean I still use hardcore and all of that and the flags, but I don't always want the same sound for every song, so I switch it up somewhat.

Now, growling.

With growling, you want the notes in the 3rd/2nd octave, most of the time. I personally like the cycle 12 vibrato for growling even though sometimes it sounds like a fart, but let's be real, growling already sounds like that anyway lmfao. But anyway!

Growl banks such as Sekiga Yuuma's or Ankoku Kenmotsu's (disturbed) are easier to use than regular vbs.

So, again, clear off the tuning and vibrato (unless you're doing cycle 12 because that CAN work, but you don't have to use it).

Now I'm adding these effects (same as last time for the screamo, but i've added this one for growling)


Flags/resamplers that help

  • Moresampler/MD50MG80MC10
  • Y0w50 for utaugrowl

Remember, growls sound best in the 2nd/3rd octave whereas screaming sounds best in the 4th, 5th and 6th octave.

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