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Image by NemyZilla (Full design), Foxila (Icon)

Western Name: Arachne
Eastern Name: N/A (Name is of Greek origin)
Kana Pronunciation: アラクニ/あらくに

Gender: Female
Age: 21

Release Date: December 31, 2020
Group/Team: N/A

Official Site

Technical Details

Voiced by: General Nuisance
Managed by: General Nuisance

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Voicebank Distribution

All voicebanks are available on the official website.

Arachne -SCORPION neo-
A VCV Japanese bank recorded at A3, C4, F4, A4, and C5. Has a dark, mature, feminine tone. Slightly androgynous low range. Powerscale… I guess. Contains all extras from -SCORPION-, as well as trilled Rs, vocal fries, end breaths, end inhales, end breath + inhale, beginning breaths, beginning inhales, and beginning breath+inhale. Best suited for rock, metal, pop, and EDM. This bank was released as a 1st anniversary celebration of her first voicebank, -SCORPION-. The release of -SCORPION neo- was the 31st of December, 2021.

Type: VCV Multipitch (A3, C4, F4, A4, C5)
Range: D#3 ~ C6
Reccomended resampler: Moresampler, Fresamp11, Doppelter


Arachne -RECLUSE-
A soft voicebank for Arachne. This bank is complete, and was released on March 6th, 2021. The bank has a sweet, mature, soft, yet clear tone. The append is named after the brown recluse spider. Best suited for soft rock, synthpop, lo-fi, bossa nova, jazz, and new wave.

Type: VCV Multipitch (recorded at B3, D4 and A4)
Range: F3 ~ G#5
Reccomended resampler: Marcres (preferred), Moresampler


A VCCV English voicebank. Has at 6 recorded pitches, 3 power (same tone as -SCORPION-) and 3 soft (same tone as -RECLUSE-). The bank includes vocal fry, glottal stops, end breath, beginning inhale, Full VV, Canadian Raising, L blends (L as a full vowel) and ng blends (ng as a full consonant, with the exception of [-ngX] sounds). Very versatile, especially with the use of flags if a certain effect is needed. Has a mature, feminine tone, like the previous VBs.
Bank type: VCCV Multipitch-Multiexpression (A3, D4, F4, A3_S, D4_S, F4_S).
Range: Range: E2 ~ A5(Power), B2~C6(Soft/Natural)
Recommended resampler: Moresampler (Power/Soft), Fresamp, Macres (Soft only)

It should be noted that this bank exhibits the caught-cot merger, thus meaning the [9] and [a] phonemes pronounced the same. These are natural features of the voice provider's natural Canadian accent and have been left in intentionally - they are not errors and they do not make the voicebank any less understandable or any more difficult to use. They just make her sound a lil different.


Arachne -WIDOW-
A VCV Japanese bank recorded at A3, C4, F4. Has a dark, expressive, mournful tone. Has English Rs, Ls, Vs, Th, Dh, end breaths, end inhales and glottal stops.

Type: VCV Multipitch (A3, C4, F4)
Range: D3 ~ C5
Recommended resampler: Moresampler, Macres, Fresamp


Arachne -SOLPUGID-
A VCV Japanese bank recorded at A3, C4, F4, B4. Has a strong, nasally, bright tone. Meant to be a v-kei append. Has a slightly different accent compared to Arachne's other Japanese banks, due to the technique used to obtain the nasal tone, which was pronouncing Japanese vowels closer to the nasal vowels found in French. Has all the extras found in -SCORPION neo-.

Type: VCV Multipitch (A3, C4, F4, B4)
Range: D3 ~ F5
Recommended resampler: Moresampler, Resampler.exe (default), Doppelter, Fresamp.

A VCV Japanese bank recorded at A3, C4, F4. Has an airy, whispery, calm tone. Far softer than -RECLUSE- and breathier. Has all the extras found in -SCORPION neo-.

Arachne -ARAIGNEE-
Will use the currently unreleased Erable French reclist. This is a VCCV-inspired reclist written specifically for Canadian French. The list is complete, and 8/14 pitches are completely recorded, 2/14 are completely otoed. This bank is the feminine counterpart to CopperCross' -FELIN- voicebank, as they will launch their French banks together so as to give users an option between a feminine and a masculine vocal for their projects in Canadian French.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? See Additional Terms of Use
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'9/175cm

Weight: 170lbs/77.1kg

You are free to interpret Arachne however you wish, but this is the "canon" stuff. I'm not going to do some "my word is the word of God" thing with her canon, this is mostly just what my brain spat out. Other interpretations of her character are totally fine and good so long as they follow the TOU.

Arachne, personality-wise, is a slightly eccentric person, having some weird interests. She's very kind, loyal (almost to a fault), sociable and joking, though she's also gullible, a little neurotic, impatient, lazy and impulsive. She also has a tendency of going off on nearly incomprehensible rants about things she's passionate about. Sometimes these can be funny. Other times, slightly worrying. Arachne is also very easily manipulated by people she considers friends, and she has trouble talking to anyone she finds attractive (she's a disaster lesbian, she has a lot of trouble talking to girls she likes).

Arachne works as a designer, where she's a little burnt out by the hours of her job. She's best at fashion design, but has had a bit of a hard time finding a job in that field.

Arachne spends a lot of time making her own clothing, obsessing over tapestries (and other ancient art), leaving (intentionally) stupid, although harmless comments online, and listening to (and making) experimental EDM, new wave, rock,and metal that sounds like it was made in a sewer. She has a small collection of ornate swords and knives (including a few replicas of CS:GO knives)(she is also oblivious to why people find this weird). She also writes books in her spare time, though none of them are good for much besides ironic enjoyment of the godawful writing.

Arachne has a habit of drowning a lot of her food in hot sauce, which can be interpreted as her being rude by other people, even though that's rarely, if ever, the case.

Arachne probably knows more obscure, experimental, borderline unlistenable bands than she knows numbers. Same goes for types of hot sauce.

Arachne is terrified of spiders, and most bugs, which is ironic considering her name. However, other than bugs, Arachne's sense of fear is worryingly absent, as she is willing to do some of the dumbest stuff imaginable with little concern for her own safety… but will shut down completely at the sight of an ant. She also hates being cooped up inside (she's actually pretty outdoorsy), bland food, kids, and sleeping. She can't stand country music either. Being someone who is easily irritated, it can occasionally be amusing to annoy her into a tangent on a piece of media she hates.

Arachne's sneakers are actually Heelys, but she's really bad at using them and crashes into things near constantly when she does try to actually use her shoes as Heelys.

Arachne can be a little loud, and a little intimidating to people who don't know her too well, but she's actually a massive softie. A loud, chaotic, hyperactive softie.

Arachne's natural hair colour is black and her real eye color is brown. She wears coloured contacts.

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Image by -SOLPUGID- art by NemyZilla, design by writtenbelow/fmwaves

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