Aurora Aurion
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Western Name: Aurora Aurion
Eastern Name: アーリオン・アーロラ
Kana Pronunciation: ありおん・あろら

Gender: Female
Age: 9 (biologically 29)

Release Date: July 18, 2011
Group/Team: Yggdrasilloid

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Auri-chan
Managed by: Auri-chan

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Voicebank Distribution

Current VBs:
Act 3 (VCV/CV + Extra sounds/VC):
Act 3.5 (VCV LITE):
(Read the readme with 3.5)

Future VBs:
Duplemar (VCV Native)

Gloandi (VCV Whisper)
Sample: Coming soon

Forbrannir (VCV Shout)

Fodra: (VCV Multipitch)

Lambda: (VCCV English)

Additional VB Info:

Voice Range: C2-C7
Recommended Flags: B30F0H0Y100g-5
Recommended Resampler: fresamp/fresamp14

VB Description:

Her voice is somewhat light and soft, but not soft enough to be considered a whisper, kind of like a happy medium between soft and loud. It's can fit pretty much any kind of song genre. Her voicebank is a 7-mora romaji encoded VCV bank with CV and hiragana alias's, that also include several english phonetics. She sounds best with her recommended flags, but if you find something that sounds better, let me know~!


FONON, Prism Stars (Aurora's brother and sister) can be made with Aurora's voicebank by modifiying the gender factor. They just do not have voicebanks of their own yet.

FONON (male): add g+30
Prism Stars (female/male): add g+15 (For male voice, lower the UST down one octave/twelve steps).

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 4'10" (1.24 m)

Weight: 314 lbs. (142.4 kg)

Character Description:

Aurora is the first prototype of the Yggdrasilloid series hence why her model number is 00. Despite her voice an appearance, she is actually 29. Aurora is generally a happy person with a childish and playful demeanor. You'll see her carrying her rappig plushie almost everywhere she goes. She tends to be quite the airhead with anything romantic or perverted. Though she tries to understand, Aurora has a hard time comprehending when people are trying to be humorous. Aurora loves playing her best friend Lloyd Ryune. She can be a bit mischievous and shy at times especially around people she doesn't know. She usually waits for people to approach her before trying to make friends. The reason for her extremely heavy weight is because her body's not entirely organic. She will do anything to please her insane master and hates to see him unhappy. Aurora absolutely hates fruits and will throw a temper tantrum to anyone who tries to get them near her.


Hair color: Red
Headgear: None
Eye color: Red
Nationality: Unknown
Race: Android/Angel
Item: Rappig (Rabbit/Pig) Plushie
Dress: Black and white in color. Uneven boots and gloves. Sleeveless jacket with three holes in the back for Aurora's computer ports with a tube top underneath. Short length skirt with black shorts underneath.

Likes: Her master, Flying, Nature, Rappigs, Plushies, Video games, Drawing, The 'Tales Of' Series.

Dislikes: Fruit, Mean people, Discrimination, Cities, Crowded places, Anyone who tries to take her plushie

Other Facts:

Aurora only acts mature when she needs to be.
Aurora created her brother/sister Prism Stars in an attempt to be just like her master.
Aurora hates it when people stare at her.
Aurora has wings made of mana but keeps them hidden from public because she is self conscious about them.
The only fruit she will even consider eating is a green apple.
Aurora originally started out as an original/fan character for the game Tales of Symphonia.

Related Characters:

Kyoujin 'Kyo' Yggdrasill (Creator)
FONON (Younger brother, Fellow Yggdrasilloid)
Prism Stars (Younger sister/brother, Fellow Yggdrasilloid)
Lloyd Ryune (Best friend)
Amaterasu Omoiyari (Friend)

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