Ciel Sekaine
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Western Name: Ciel Sekaine
Eastern Name: 世界音スィエル
Kana Pronunciation: せかいねすぃえる

Gender: Genderless/Agender
Age: Unknown

Release Date: November 11, 2011

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Pianodream & Letamaru
Managed by: Pianodream

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Voicebank Distribution

• UTAU Series : Pianoloid _ 0-∞ (zero - infinity)

• Voice Type:
Female voice: bright, clear, sharp, normal to powerful volume, rather feminine
Male voice: deep, soft, clear, can sound either tenorino or barytone.

• Voice Source(s):
female: Pianodream
male: Letamaru

• Optimum Range :
E2 - F6 (blending both VB's ranges)
G2 - F6 (4VCV female EMOTIONS)
F3 - A#5 (4CV female EMOTIONS:retakeCV)

• Encoding :
_ACT1: Hiragana (with Romaji aliases)
_ACT2: Romaji (with Hiragana aliases)
_ACT3: Romaji (no aliases)
_ACT4 Emotions: VCV hiragana, CV hiragana, CV romaji, VC romaji
_ACT4 Emotions retake-4CV : CV romaji (hiragana aliases only), VCV romaji (VCV hiragana aliases, vowels only)

• Voicebank Type :
_ACTs 1, 2 & 3: CV

• Has a configured OTO? :
YES for all

• Appends/Multiple Banks? :
_ACT4 multipitch VCV-VC Emotions
_ACT4 multipitch retake-CV Emotions

• Multiple Languages? :
_ACT1 is Japanese only.
_ACT2 is Japanese + some Engrish/English
_ACT3 is French + Latin
_ACT4 is Japanese/Engrish + roman languages abilities

• Voicebank download links :
_ACT1 (female voice):
_ACT2 (male voice):
_ACT3: (is being remade)
_EMOTIONS (1.0 powerscale 4 x VCVVC):
(password for the zip: sekaineshieru)
_EMOTIONS retake:CV (powerscale 4 x CVV):

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? With Purchase of License
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? With Purchase of License
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
[* Click here to view the terms of use for this UTAU.]
[* Click here to view commercial license info for this UTAU.]

Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 175 (182 with heels)

Weight: 60

• Birthdate:
unknown even from them. Estimated to be sometimes within the 18th century.

• Related Characters:
Marie Kagekine (housemate/platonic crush), NIKORU & NIKO Kajetano (housemates)

• Personality:
Ciel is a rather secret person, he/she's always very calm and quiet, he/she doesn't speak very much, and seems quite shy yet curious, as if being afraid of joining the other UTAUloids.
(s)He's got a very poor vision, to the point of not seeing anything but flickers of light, but is able to perceive and sense things than what conventional human vision allows.
His/her health is overall poor, causing him/her to faint without any warning sometimes and waking up later without remembering what happened, but his/her other senses have grown sharper than anyone's.
As a secret talent, he's an exceptionally skilled circus artist and a fencer, contrasting with his poor health, but to use those skills he has tor ely upon his "machine" origins, which disgusts him. As a general rule, he will only get into a physical fight to protect a few people he really cares about.

• Hair color:
Ash Chocolate Brown

• Head gear:

• Eye color:
Pearl Grey, almost blind. (His vision can be compared to someone walking in the night)

• Earphones:
If there is need for one it's a purple headset, with the sign "Infinity" carved on it.

• Outfits:
he/she likes wearing old clothing, and mixes male and female clothing without caring. Wears usually a grey tailcoat and a female purple corset instead of a shirt, a single collar with a ribbon tie. Wears a top hat with ribbons and a rose attache to and a pocket watch as a monocle on hir right eye.

• Nationality/Race:
French, former circus automaton mutated into living organism.

• Band/Group:

• Background and General Informations:
Created by joined efforts from a puppeteer and a scientist, he was originally designed to be "the most realistic automaton in the world", but after his creators realized he was becoming conscious, their vision of her changed. Upon a violent quarrel, the scientist was killed, and Ciel had to escape from his other creator by stabbing him to death with a chimney hook.
After these events she fled. Her whereabouts up to 1930 are unprecise but it is certain that she took on various jobs and identities to escape from her past.
In the present time, after he met Marie and the Kajetano siblings, he settled down with them.


_(s)He is someone with a lot of culture, and a lot of "taste" in cultural objects and knowledges; some may call it a useless thing but (s)he considers culture a real treasure. As a French, (s)he is a gourmet, and since (s)he becomes sick really too easily, (s)he's quite strict, even picky about food.
_His/Her skin is very pale like white ceramic, but that's its natural color.

_Hir default "talking" voice is a male one, while to sing (s)He rathers uses hir female voice, which actually gets his fellow UTAUloids and Masters confused.
But Ciel doesn't really understand why is gender so important to everyone. However, (s)he's used to sparing hirself unnecessary questions about gender. Romantically (s)he has no clear preferences, being clearly asexual and not really a fan of physical contact.

_(s)He's stylish, even a bit tidy, but (s)he's not really that fashionable. (s)He prefers old-fashioned, dandy and chic clothing to modern fashion. His/Her favorite clothes? French haute couture, of course.

_Though (s)he isn't especially attracted to children, children seem to like him/her. (s)He doesn't especially love children because "they always make too much noise".

_(s)He has got the ability to grow or shorten his own height virtually anytime he wants to, but it takes up a lot of energy from him/her.

_When (s)he doesn't know what to do, (s)he likes playing card games.

_Though (s)he's almost blind, (s)he's most of his/her time acting like a normal person. Even his/her blindman's cane is disguised a normal one.

_Hir character assumedly speaks four languages: Japanese, English, French and German. (s)He learnt them by travelling around the world with hir creators.

_(s)He has a very strong aromantic "crush",on hir fellow UTAU Marie Kagekine. Despite not being romantically interested in her (s)he's ready to do anything for her.

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