Daichi Akiyama
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Western Name: Daichi Akiyama
Eastern Name: 秋山大智
Kana Pronunciation: アキヤマ ダイチ

Gender: Male (Transgender)
Age: 21

Release Date: July 1, 2018
Group/Team: Peeslubn

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Peeslubn
Managed by: Peeslubn

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Voicebank Distribution

秋山大智 Akiyama Daichi CVVC
5 pitch CVVC Voicebank (Main: D3, F3, A3, D4) (Falsetto: FD4)
Default powerful singing voice.
Resampler: TIPS, Fresamp
Includes vocal fry (x.) (D3,F3,FD4), glottal stops (x') (D3,F3,A3,D4,FD4), la's, end breaths (x R, x R.), inhales (吸)

秋山大智 Akiyama Daichi VCV
Tripitch (D3, F3, A3) VCV voicebank. Versatile bank, will fit most songs.
Resampler: moresampler (recommended)
Extras: Glottal stops (3 pitches), vocal fry (D3, F3), breaths (x R, inhales)

秋山大智 Akiyama Daichi ROUGE
Monopitch (C3) VCV append voicebank.
Best suited for darker + classical songs.
Resampler: moresampler (recommended)
Extras: Glottal stops, vocal fry, breaths (x R)

秋山大智 Akiyama Daichi THORN
Bipitch (G3, B3) VCV append voicebank. Best suited for fast + loud songs.
Resampler: moresampler (recommended), TIPS
Extras: Glottal stops, breaths (- x, x R)

秋山大智 Akiyama Daichi PETAL
Bipitch (D3, F3) VCV append voicebank. Best suited for soft + emotional songs.
Resampler: TIPS (recommended), Moresampler, Fresamp
Includes vocal fry, glottal stops, la's, end breaths (x -, x R)

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, even to derivatives created without permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 175cm


年齢/Age: 21歳

身長/Height: 175cm

性別/Sex: 男子/Male (Transgender)

好き/Likes: Quiet time, reading, knitting and baking.

嫌い/Dislikes: Stupidity, flirting, bright colors, people that are loud and obnixous.

Sexuality: Gay

Boyfriend: PAISAN (UTAU)

Character Item: Rose


秋山大智 ROUGE Information:

年齢/Age: ??? (Assumed to be 200+, appears 21.)

好き/Likes: Writing, reading, looking outside his balcony, piano, solitude, shiny objects.

嫌い/Dislikes: Intruders (to his castle), large crowds, garlic, adventuring, the sun.

Backstory: Akiyama Daichi ROUGE is an ex prince turned vampire, where he was exiled from his kingdom and sent deep into the woods to
live out his life in solitude. He enjoys the fine arts and appreciating the world around him. He treats visitors with disdain, but
he is a hospitable host.


秋山大智 THORN Information:

年齢/Age: Infinite, body is 21.

好き/Likes: Flirting, performing, showing off, attention, petnames.

嫌い/Dislikes: Itchy clothes, being ordered around, people that don't know him.

Backstory: Akiyama Daichi THORN is a demon, although the sins he represent are a secret. He is a narcissistic man, fueling himself off of compliments. His biggest wish is to become hell's biggest rock star.


秋山大智 PETAL Information:

年齢/Age: Infinite, body is 21.

好き/Likes: Reading & writing, sweet foods, playing his flute.

嫌い/Dislikes: Small talk, oversharing, being in the spotlight, demons.

Backstory: An angel of humility, Akiyama Daichi PETAL keeps to himself most of the time, a man with a solitary life.
He spends his time working at libraries across heaven's lands.

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