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Western Name: degirl
Eastern Name: Akuma no on'nanoko
Kana Pronunciation: 悪魔の女の子

Gender: Female
Age: 13-14 and 39-43 in human

Release Date: December 14th, 2018
Group/Team: Entirely managed by HalfneCross

Official Site

Technical Details

Voiced by: Haflne Cross
Managed by: Halfne Cross

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Voicebank Distribution

*The creator of this character has created several voicebanks for this character and plans to release most soon.
*Most of degirls voicebanks and cv, and encoded in romaji for new users and pros to try out

*(recommended vocaloid-p producers-Nashimto-p, Lamaze-p, Utsu-p or Kikuo/Kikuo-p)

CORE-Default bank, recorded with laptop mic (low quality) but good oto.ini (recommended)

Totsu+Falsetto-Shout/Power append, recorded with laptop mic (low quality) no oto.ini, needs to be oto'd, Duopitch bank (two pitches, shout+falsetto)
DL: <This voicebank is stored on another computer that Cross does not access to at the moment)
Falsetto Sample:

SHOWTIME-Low pitched/opera voicebank, recorded with 2015 acer laptop mic (very low quality, not recommended), no oto, runs on moresampler.
DL: none available

SHIZUKA-Soft voicebank, recorded on HTC DESIRE (high quality, recommended) oto.ini but very wonky, would recommended that user fixes it up, This voicebank also comes with extra voice samples (words, sentences and sighs)
*Although Degirls core voicebank comes with kana aliasing, this one does not)

GLITCH VCV-VCV experimental voicebank, recorded on acer ASPIRE, high quality, completed oto.ini, but some sounds are missing/poppy, this voicebank is also romaji encoded and aliased.
DL: considering it.

JESTO VCV- Complete VCV, Laughing like tone, recorded on acer ASPIRE, Decent quality, completed oto/ini, romaji aliased, some sounds are glitchy due to the laptops microphone.
DL: soon

Art Pack+Rigged&refs Art-Comes with un-used thumbnails for thumbnails for upcoming covers, Owen bnm art (Degirl's counterpart.), (and for a bonus, it comes with degirls ref for vcu/spu, Symons ref and Djs ref [each ref comes with a little bit of info about the character])

VOICE+/Omake Pack-Comes with various sounds, like words, sentences and sighs <All recorded on HTC DESIRE>
(also comes with old voicebank samples) 40/45 sounds in total roughly

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Unknown
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Unknown
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, even to derivatives created without permission
[* Click here to view the terms of use for this UTAU.]
[* Click here to view commercial license info for this UTAU.]

Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5"5-5"6

Weight: Weightless


What led to degirls existence-
Degirl was originally an inside joke created for a shitpost universe (spu for short).
she was mostly intended to take the piss out of anime characters with overly big eyes,
characters who are creeps/weird.
Due to more characters being made for spu she was moved to vcu (victoria charlotte universe, more fancy spu), but then eventually just became vcu and spu.
Since spu used utaus as the voice actors, degirl got an utau of her own, being voiced by halfne cross herself, since cross has a nasally voice, degirls signature voice trait has been having an upbeat nasally voice

Degirls related characters/other utau-
Symon- one of degirls best friends, symon was originally created to be degirls counterpart, its always been joked that symon had/has a crush on degirl which was later confirmed when discussing lore with a friend.

Dj- degirls best BEST friend, dj managed to summon degirl when they were shitting and a rock song was playing in the background. Its always been canon lore that who ever summons degirl, she will have a strong attachment too. This means degirl has a strong attachment to dj, and if she were to loose them she wouldn't know what to do.
Although it has not been discussed, it is canon lore that degirl does not have a crush on dj (confirmed by cross)

Owen- Degirls half brother.Long after degirl was created, owen was made for one of cross' friends (with the same name as the character). later on the character was voiced by cross' friend. Its canon lore that Owen was born after stan and lod fucked. Owen is also 90% angel and 10% demon.

Dangle- Degirls Rival. not much lore has been discussed about dangle, all that is known about is is that he is full angel, lives in heaven, and carries around a knife due to extreme paranoia and anxiety, a design has been created for dangle, but has never been released to the public

YinMin- Degirls uncanon sister/best friend. Yinmin was created afte cross wanted her older sister to record a voicebank, after cross' sister said it sounded demonic, a character was created for the utau. A design was drawn for YinMin, but never realeased outside of the d&f archives discord.

Stan- Degirls dad/#1 dad. Stan is degirls dad, he tries his best to be a dad and somehow succeeds. Stan was created when cross was messing around in ms paint, stans concept art was an entirely red demon with curved horns, after becoming canon within spu his horns where replaced jelly like cat ear horns, and then after that he became degirls dad. Stans name is short for "Satan" since hes the leader of hell.

Zoz- Degirls mom/T H O T. Zoz was created after a doodle of a demon girl in cross' sketch book became canon for spu lore, she is described as rude, a cheater, and a huge THOT. although Zoz attempts to act somewhat motherly to degirl, often giving her advice for "when she gets older". Zoz is short for Zozo.

Lod- Kinda degirls guardian/Owens dad. Lod was created soon after Stan being his counterpart, Lod and Stan hang out quite alot when degirl or zoz isn't around, one day stan felt lonley so lod and stan fucked, this resulted in owen being created.

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