Doctor Vertigo
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Western Name: Doctor Vertigo
Eastern Name: ドクタ ベルティゴ
Kana Pronunciation: どくた べるてぃご

Gender: Non-Binary
Age: 20

Release Date: April 7, 2020

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Technical Details

Voiced by: NemyZilla
Managed by: NemyZilla

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Voicebank Distribution

Doctor Vertigo: - Romaji and hiragana CV. It contains some extra samples, such as breaths and ending vowels. Good quality and very smooth oto.ini, works better with Moresampler. The voice can change from a very deep and boyish tone (if used in low pitches) to a mature female one (if used in high pitches).

-Recommended flags: H15Y0F0C100e
-Recommended resamplers: Resampler.dll, Moresampler
-Range: C#3-F#4
-Files: 155
-Voices: 306
-Artworks folder included

Doctor Vertigo ITA: - An Italian CVVC recorded at a low tone, made using Makku's reclist. Includes some breaths and samples from the voice provider, such as Italian words and a few laughs. Note: DO NOT USE RESAMPLER.DLL with this voicebank. It would sound incredibly weird and glitchy. It can also work as a normal Japanese CV/CVVC or a Spanish CVVC with some phoneme editing. This voice sounds more powerful than the first one.

This voicebank has been ported to the DeepVocal engine.

-Recommended flags: H15Y0F0C100e
-Recommended resamplers: Moresampler, TIPS
-Range: D3-G4
-Files: 434
-Voices: 1185
-Artworks folder included
-Breath folder included (contains 10 breath samples)
-Extra folder included (contains a few extra samples, such as "ss", "sh",…)
-Voice samples folder included (contains a few Italian words, and some giggles and laughs)

Doctor Vertigo ENG: (work in progress) - An English VCCV that uses PaintedCZ's reclist. Recorded at the same tone as the Italian one, contains extra samples like rolled R's, end vowels, breaths and a few phrases from both the voice provider and the voicebank. He doesn't have a noticeable Italian accent (the Os sound British).

-Recommended flags: H15Y0F0C100e
-Recommended resamplers: Resampler.dll, Moresampler
-Range: C3-G4
-Files: TBA
-Voices: TBA
-Artworks folder included
-Breath folder included (contains 10 breath samples)
-Voice samples folder included (contains a few English words and phrases, from both the voice provider and the voicebank)

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 180 cms/5'11

Weight: 58 kgs/127.9 lbs


Name: Doctor Vertigo Vladimiro Marchesini
Age: 20
Gender: Non-Binary
Pronouns: He/Him
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Scientist
Sexual/Romantic orientation: Asexual and aromantic
Favorite color: Lilac
Date of birth: 7th of January, 2099
Character from: Lili Cat Eyes, an original series by NemyZilla
Voiced, illustrated and created by: NemyZilla

Likes: math, science, chemistry, biology, technology, weapons, others' pain, seeing people suffer, himself, not feeling emotions (he sees them as a weakness), his creations, Lili, computers, manipulating people, experimenting on humans

Dislikes: kids, mental hospitals, the police, being called with female/neutral pronouns, who makes fun of his voice, pills, his aunt Venusia, sports, depression, emotions, ignorant people, love, who thinks that psychopathy and sociopathy are the same thing, psychiatrists, boredom, being touched

-About him-

Dr. Vertigo wasn't meant to be an UTAUloid. He's from NemyZilla's comic series, "Lili Cat Eyes - Artificial Miracle". His info and character details are based on the original ones.

Doctor Vertigo was diagnosed with ASPD at age 5. He lived in Verona, an Italian city, which evolved and became a metropolis. When he was 7, his parents, who were both scientists, died from a failed experiment. He then moved to aunt Venusia (his dad's sister)'s house, in Futurepolis (near Verona). She hated science and technology and thought that her brother was a total idiot. When she discovered out Vertigo's diagnosis, she started to become violent and abusive towards him, even though he didn't care. He was the best student of his entire school, as he loved studying . He would always get great marks, but he was bullied a lot because of his mental illness. One day, a few hours before the "School Tech Contest", he was carrying his new invention (a very short android, which looked like a 10 years old kid), when one of his bullies made him fall. The little robot broke in pieces, and Vertigo completely lost his mind. He started to beat up the bully and even tried to kill him in front of the whole school. The teachers immediately stopped him and his aunt Venusia sent him to a mental hospital for a few weeks. When Vertigo turned 18, he left the house and continued his studies about biology in a secret underground bunker. At age 20, he created the first completely artificial lifeform, which he called Lili (from his mother's name, Emilia). She's the only one who, together with his parents, really loved him. He treats Lili like a daughter and would never hurt her.

But is he really a heartless monster, or does he just want to be accepted?


Doctor Vertigo has psychopathy, and lacks emotions and empathy. He's a very sadistic person, he often kidnaps people to experiment on them. He doesn't care about the others, and would do anyhting in order to achieve his goals (for example, world domination).
Vertigo thinks that he's superior, as he considers emotions and empathy a human weakness. He hates being called "mad" or "crazy" though. He's cold-hearted, narcissistic and manipulative, and he sees himself as "the perfect being". Despite his young age, he's a genius.


His name is the English/Latin word Vertigo, which is a condition where a person has the sensation of moving or of surrounding objects moving when they are not.

It is pronounced with an accent on the "I", like in the Latin language.

His full name is Vertigo Vladimiro Marchesini.


-He suffers from ASPD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) since his birth.

-He is aware of being a psychopath.

-He often gets mistaken for a girl.

-He hates love because he can't feel it.

-The only people he feels empathy for are his parents (he sometimes cries when he sees their family photo) and Lili, who is like a daughter to him.

-He uses his personality disorders as excuses to get what he wants.

-His favorite flower is the narcissus (a reference to his narcissism).

-Some people believe he is bisexual. However, it is not confirmed.

-Lilac is his natural hair color and he got it from his father.

-He hates summer and hot temperatures.

-He sometimes jokes about his mental illness, saying things like "My patience is like my empathy: it doesn't exist!" when he's mad at someone.

-He's obsessed with clean things and order.

-His gender is unknown due to the fact that everyone thinks he's a girl despite his name Vladimiro being a boy name.

-He rarely takes his labcoat off. He says that it gives him a "more professional" look.

-He takes two showers a day.

-He never uses public bathrooms.

-He likes animals and plants, but hates people, because he thinks that the human race ruined the Earth so it must vanish.

-His aunt, who's very religious, has believed that he was possessed by the Devil.

-He's an atheist. One of his main phrases is "Science is the only thing I believe in".

-When he was little, he wore braces.

-He has a chainsaw which he uses to dissect people.

-He uses male pronouns because in Italy there aren't neutral pronouns, and he also finds them disrespectful.

-He wears both male and female clothes.

-He is addicted to caffeine, and can drink more than three cups of coffee a day.

-He is usually apathetic when talking to others.

-No one has ever beaten him in a staring contest.

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