Hoko Kuroda
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Western Name: Hoko Kuroda
Eastern Name: 黒田ホコ
Kana Pronunciation: ほこくろだ

Gender: Male
Age: 23

Release Date: December 20, 2015

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Altair/pollux
Managed by: Altair/pollux

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Voicebank Distribution

Powerful, Ethnic VCV
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Character Details

Height: About 6'5"?

Weight: 320 Lbs.

Kuroda Hoko is known as a true warrior to his townspeople and fellow comrades who hes fought alongside of. He is brave, trustworthy, and proud to be himself. Though despite himself being a great protector, he can come off as stern, controlling, and too fond of himself. He doesn't mean to seem arrogant, he just really likes himself. Though around people he loves and could consider as a family, he can show a much softer side of himself, which is caring, affectionate, and to some degree, over protective. He is extremely fond of his love interest, who he keeps under his guard at all times, If you touch Rem, you've gotta deal with Kuroda for sure. He has also a group of friends which he appreciates, and tries to spend most of his time with. Being around Kuroda can be tiring however, due to his protective, controlling nature. Not to mention hes always doing his best to keep everyone active. But… in just about any situation, you're going to want Kuroda on your side.

Rem is known to him as his "Little Brother" and is also his boyfriend. hi
Lambda Aria is his best friend and housemate.
Rover is a fellow warrior of his which he fought along with. despite having a competitive relationship with him, he appreciate his presence anytime he's around.
Aether Koe is a deceased friend of his.
Walter Von Löwenherz is a good friend and a knight from a neighbouring kingdom of his. They're also very competive against each other, but they do it for the thrill and for fun.
Point Of Advice: Dont call him a furloid.ever

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