Jordan DreamCatcher
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Western Name: Jordan DreamCatcher
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation:

Gender: Dominant (male)

Release Date: May 30, 2017
Group/Team: Fractured Hope co.

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Technical Details

Voiced by: StellarVaNex
Managed by: Sawaranaide

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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Race - shadromancer; Gender - dominant (male); Age - looks like 21; Height - 177 cm; weight - 68 kg; Location - blue part.
Likes: Coffee
Dislikes: Ghouls, when someone tries to hurry him up
Personality: Careless ghoulhunter, talkative and restless. Easy find ways to talk with others. Has strange weapon and strange style of fighting.
Personal lore: Was a guide-shadro of Tolik Mon Star, and became closest friend to him. Due to this friendship he got lots of materia and was able to travel between worlds. After Tolik's death and revival in Shado, Jordan returned to his previous place - recovered his position in school and found his old friends, with whom he hunted ghouls long time ago. The main reason of his membership in hunter's group is his mother's death - she was killed by ghoul, and was the only one close shadro to Jordan before he met hunters. Jordan still keeps last units of her materia - his red pendant, and always look at it before each battle with ghouls. Each battle he counts as revenge.

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