Ken Shippai
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Western Name: Ken Shippai
Eastern Name: 県失敗
Kana Pronunciation: けん しっぱい

Gender: Female
Age: n/a (ageless)

Release Date: May 18, 2013
Group/Team: MEMEroid

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Lasaillax
Managed by: Lasaillax

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Voicebank Distribution

CERULEAN (current):
- Recorded with Logitech H110
- G3, A3, C4, D4, C#5, A3 Soft, Falsetto, & Vocal Fry
- Rendered .frqs
- 7 mora VCV (5 pitches & extras)

English (current):
- Recorded with Logitech H110
- F4
- Rendered .frqs
- Cz's VCCV Reclist


- Recorded with Logitech H111
- C4
- rendered .frqs
- 7 mora VCV

Whisper Append:
- Recorded with Logitech H110
- F4 (sometimes flat)
- Rendered .frqs
- 7 mora VCV

APEX (power):
- Recorded with Logitech H110
- A4 (recorded loudly)
- Rendered .frqs
- 7 mora VCV

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'5" (152.4 cm)

Weight: 105 lbs (47.6 kg)

Ken is mostly a very curious person who tends to not think that much. She is very outgoing and full of life when she is outside with her close friends. She finds things that aren't usually that funny pretty funny. At times she can be very competitive, impulsive, and rude because she wants to win everything she declares. Besides that, she can't cook and usually falls over on flat surfaces.

character item: Pepsi (bottle/can/etc)
likes: video games, animals, boy shorts, drawing, and winter
dislikes: tyrants, rodents, rejection, relish, and burnt popcorn

Related Characters:
Makoto Naishi - close friend
Tsubasa Arugo - close friend
Nanayayy - best friend
Ume Seihin - best friend

Ryoma Shippai - mother
Daisuke Shippai - father
Haruka Shippai - brother (genderbend)
Eru Shippai - brother
Odaya Shippai - sister

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