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Western Name: LIEE
Eastern Name: リー or リーエ
Kana Pronunciation: リー or リーエ

Gender: Nonbinary
Age: 22

Release Date: August 7, 2020

Official Site

Technical Details

Voiced by: julieraptor
Managed by: julieraptor

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Voicebank Distribution

Released Voicebanks:

The readme files in some releases may have outdated character information. Please refer to the official website for official, current character details.



  • F3, A3, C4, Falsetto, Strong (Power), and Whisper pitches
  • Contains vocal fry and end breaths
  • R's have slight rolling
  • Contains end breaths


  • F3, A3, C4, Falsetto, and Power pitches
  • Contains L's, kw-, gw-, ng-, end breaths, glottal stops, and vocal fry for all pitches*

*Does not have vocal fry for F3 pitch


Samples can be found on the official site.

【Black Swan LIEE (VCV3)】

  • VCV Japanese Bank containing F3, A3, C4, Falsetto, Power, Yelling
  • Yell Pitch compatible with both VCV2 and VCV3
  • Contains L's, kw-, gw-, ng-, end breaths, glottal stops, and vocal fry for all pitches
  • Solid, slightly nasal tone
  • Matches VCV1's tone while keeping VCV2's quality (no rolled r's, improved pronunciation)
  • VCV1 may be retired after the release of VCV3. This is to be determined.

【LIEE ARPASING English (Tentative Name】- Multipitch ARPASING English voicebank.
Contact Julieraptor if you would like to test this voicebank

【Grandmaster LIEE】

  • VCV Japanese Bank containing F3, A3, C4, Falsetto, Husky, Yelling
  • Soft, solid tone

【Celestial Wedding LIEE】

  • VCV Japanese Bank containing F3, A3, C4, Falsetto
  • Soft, sweet tone

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
Click here to view the terms of use for this UTAU.
[* Click here to view commercial license info for this UTAU.]

Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'4ft/1'62m

Weight: ?

Basic Information:
LIEE is an UTAU vocal synthesis voicebank created by Julieraptor.

"LIEE" is the name used by Velirio Orasan, a virtual singer that posts their covers online.

Velirio would be considered the "mom friend". They are always looking out for their loved ones and always has a snack or first aid in their purse. They can have chaotic unhinged energy but knows their limits. They live with and are dating Ryo (Ozumii's UTAU).

Velirio also likes going to scenic locations, especially aquariums. They like marine life and going to the beach.

Velirio likes ouji fashion and some steampunk. However, they like to wear all types of fashion from traditional clothing to alternative fashion and in general likes to look dressed up. For casual wear, they like wearing clothing and hats with words on them, especially with incorrect spelling or "meme-y" quotes.

Likes: Singing, dancing, spicy food, aquariums, puffer fish, RYO
Disikes: Bugs, being cold


  • Velirio is a Youtaite, a cover artist on Youtube that typically sings J-Pop songs.
  • They have a broad taste in music, but especially likes K-Pop. They know many dances and occasionally posts their videos on TikTok.
  • Their favorite animal is pufferfish. Their second favorite animal is a crab.
  • They have visible dimples when they smile.
  • Velirio is of Ilocano descent, but does not speak Ilocano.
  • They are fluent in English and Tagalog and knows some Japanese.
  • Velirio is very good at video games. They aspire to be an e-sports champion and is Grand Master rank at several games. They like playing games with Ryo, despite her being bad at them.
  • Velirio's favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough.
  • They own a Miku binder.
  • Velirio can play the guitar.
  • They like to quote memes and Vines a lot.

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