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Western Name: MAJA
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation: マヤ

Gender: Female
Age: 27

Release Date: December n/a, 2016
Group/Team: HATloids (HAT-231)

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Hatshyoki
Managed by: Hatshyoki

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Voicebank Distribution


-1.0: Recording

-Naquis multipitch voicebank with 19 pitches: Not Started

-Detention multipitch powerscale voicebank with 7 pitches: Not started

-Flowering mutlipitch soft voicebank with 8 pitches: Not started


-DEMO (very high): (Oto.ini done by Lasaillax)


-Naizole: Planned

Terms of Use

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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 183cm


MAJA seems to have a very strange personality. She tends to be strict but she is extremely sensitive to the smallest things. MAJA is a professor and she teaches the subject mathematics, and she has always been really good at it since she was little. She enjoys learning new things in a varity of topics. She likes teaching old-school, like without technology and only using calculators and unonline tools. She also deeply dislikes students (mostly male) who stare at her body and not focus in class (or children who develop a crush and who are influenced by teacher x student pornography).

Loves: Kids, maths, rulers, behaving students
Hates: Computers, mangas, troublemakers, student crushes

Related characters:

Kayaku Ratimaru (Husband)

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