Mami Komine
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Western Name: Mami Komine
Eastern Name: まみ こみね
Kana Pronunciation: マミ コミネ

Gender: female
Age: 17

Release Date: June 6, 2016

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Tsukihikari
Managed by: Tsukihikari

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Voicebank Distribution

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Character Details

Height: 5'7 (170.02cm)

Weight: 115lbs (52.1631kg)

*Personality:* kind, sweet, Overprotective, Calm

*Likes:* Cup noodles (Character Item), gardening, rainy days, pepper, Mika,

*Dislikes:* Best buy, hot weather, dangerous situations

*Friends:* Kari Torimero, Kato Torimero, Akira Tayasuine, Sei Harene, Mimo, Kohaku yama, Maki S., Mika S., Ryoko, Sounon

*Siblings:* Riku Namito

Mami is a sweet girl who puts others before herself. She can be very overprotective towards the people she cares about, especially her brother. She is very neat and always makes sure her living spaces are tidy and clean. Mami has a pet albino goldfish named Lilly Lu. Mami strongly resembles a mother type character. She will do anything to keep her friends safe. She is very mature for her age. Mami often gets overexcited about little things because she thinks that every moment is worth celebrating. Like her brother, Mami is also 25% dryad.

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