Maore Tai
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Western Name: Maore Tai
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation:

Gender: Partial (assotiates himself as male)
Age: 27 beore death, 1.3 cycle after death

Release Date: May 17, 2016
Group/Team: Fractured Hope co,

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Blackmorne Blackwood
Managed by: Sightseed

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Character Details

Height: 177cm

Weight: 75kg

Race - Shadromancer; Gender - Partial (assotiates himself as male); Age - 27 beore death, 1.3 cycle after death; Height - 177cm; weight - 75kg;
Location - red part.
Likes: reading
Dislikes: his work
Personality: Maore is shy, calm and sometimes even he is boredom itself. He is slow, and also he even doesn't know why they must fight with the "blots"/"ghouls". Due to this fact he was rescued by Maynayo more than once, and Maynajo loathes it. Sometimes Bitter even surphised by the fact that blots still didn't eat Maore. He expresses no particular desire to be a leader, but to carry out orders from above not really in a hurry. He prefers reading, in particular Lovecraft, King and Meg Cabot.
Personal lore: Maore is a hunter. He is "revived", like Maynajo. All that he remembers about his human life are that he was a southerner and sometimes he wears female dress. He was initiator the fact that Maria was admitted to the Raiders' party, and when her mystery was revealed, he was the one who contact her warlock - Heiden. He didn't want, but become a traitor and helped Heiden join the raiders, when all of raiders loathe the authority. They have strange relationship, 'cause they stayed face to face many times and had lots of awkward situations, but still deny any romantical context, even when Maore loves Heiden's warlock doll - Maria.

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