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Western Name: MarKez
Eastern Name: マルケズ
Kana Pronunciation: まるけず

Gender: Genderless
Age: 10

Release Date: October 31, 2019

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Technical Details

Voiced by: NemyZilla
Managed by: NemyZilla

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Voicebank Distribution

MarKez: - Romaji & hiragana CV with breath samples. Has a childish, metallic and somehow arrogant voice tone. Very clear, good quality.

-Recommended flags: H15Y0C100F0BRE0e
-Recommended resamplers: Resampler.dll, Moresampler
-Range: F3-D5
-Files: 140
-Voices: 143
-Artwork folder included
-Contains some breath samples

MarKez 2.0: (otoing in progress) - Romaji & hiragana VCV, with breath samples. Recorded at one pitch, has the same voice type of the first voicebank. Can also work as a romaji or hiragana CV thanks to her extra aliases.

-Recommended flags: H15Y0C100F0BRE0e
-Recommended resamplers: Resampler.dll, Moresampler
-Range: G#2-A#4
-Files: 300
-Voices: 2348
-Artworks folder included
-Breath samples included
-Omake folder included
-Extra aliasing that creates an additional CV voicebank

MarKez 2.0 Extend Pack: (not done yet) - An extra pack that contains 3 VCV extensions: Power, Goth, and Whisper.

MarKez ROCK: (not done yet) - A powerful and energetic hiragana VCV, recorded in 2 pitches. The voice is a bit growly.

MarKez ITA: (not done yet) - An Italian CVVC bank recorded at two pitches, a normal and a powerful one.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 120 cm


Favorite color: Pink
Favorite food: Candies
Favorite movie: Back to the Future
Favorite videogame: Candy Crush Saga
Favorite phrase: "Sono così adorabile!" (Italian for "I'm so adorable!")
Favorite music genres: Rock, pop
Favorite YouTuber: Kizuna A.I.

Likes: Lollipops, candies, anything sweet, looking cool, taking photos, singing, her friends, cooking cakes

Dislikes: Dirtiness, being called spoiled, falling from her virtual skateboard, slow songs, lovey dovey people

-Character info-

Real name: Vikto MarKez
Official name: MarKez
Age: 10
Gender: Genderless
Pronouns: She/Her
Nationality: Italian
Software: Vocal Synthesis Tool UTAU
Language: Japanese
Voiced, created and illustrated by: NemyZilla
Relatives: MarK (genderbend), FAN-chan (friend/shares creator), Dem-03 (friend/shares creator), XXX.exe (???/shares creator), Etna_Due (friend/shares creator), LUMiNA (friend/shares creator), Ricky Coli (friend/shares creator)
Friends: Blade OX, FAN-chan, LANA, Nia, Ken Shippai, Ricky Coli, Dem-03, LUMiNA, Etna_Due, Galatea Laitselec, Ashlyn Wallace 2S, Joana BATIM, Akane Makne , Juliana Brazil, Makne Lali 6S,Crystal BATIM, Tsubasa Arugo, Ken Shippai, Kikyuune Aiko, Penelope Aida, Re, Sol, Makku -LLYR-, Ricca, Matsu Dodo, A0N, Kami Makenzi, Oroka, Michi Doku, Psychotic Psycho, AL!CE.16


MarKez, like every other UTAUloid made by NemyZilla, is aware of being an artificial voice. She wants to act "cool" and the others refer to her as a tsundere. She wants everyone to know she's the best UTAUloid, even though she's sweet like a candy on the inside.
MarKez was released on Halloween, so she loves gothic and rock music. She plays a lollipop-shaped electric guitar.

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