Mino Shinya
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Western Name: Mino Shinya
Eastern Name: 深夜ミノ
Kana Pronunciation: しんやみの

Gender: Male
Age: 22

Release Date: January 6, 2010

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Gintaku
Managed by: Gintaku

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Voicebank Distribution

Mino's voicebank comes in Romaji and Hiragana. All his file-names are in Romaji.

Shinya Mino NL2.0 CVVC (aka Dutch vb)

Shinya Mino Act2.6 CV/VCV/CVVC

Shinya Mino Act2.5 CV/VCV
http://www.mediafire.com/?t4wagb1nateaxpt (HI)
http://www.mediafire.com/?48ikn3o29n48hbp (RO)

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Unknown
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Character Details

Height: 5'6" ft (172 cm)

Weight: 171 lbs (78 kg)

Related: Yume Shinya (Twin Sister), Tatsuo Gekidone (Cousin), Linda Enpitsune (Cousin), SPIKE (Pet)

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Nitomi Mishka.

About: Mino is a human/fox, 22 years old, born in the Philippines. His release date is January 6th 2010, but since he's twins with Yume, he needs to have the same birth date as her, which is October 10.

Mino dislikes his sister, she could be so annoying. Also get's annoyed by SPIKE. Since Spike has homophobia. He can't stand it that Mino's gay. Since his sister is a Netherlands-freak, he dislikes the Netherlands. He almost dislikes everything of Holland.

Mino might look very manly, but he's really a sort of baby. Oh well, he won't cry that fast, but he can get scared easily.

Mino wears glasses when he doesn't wear contacts.


Hair colour: Orange & brown
Eye colour: Brown, but he normally wears Blue contacts
Color Scheme: Gold/yellow, Orange, Blue, White, Red
Outfit: He wears a jacket with the colors Red White Blue. It looks more like the Philippines Flag. Only the Sun and Stars remain. The zipper and the hood are gold. His jacket doesn't have any sleeves. He has a fully orange shirt under it and a red-white-blue wristband on his left arm. His jeans are dark-turquoise He also wears a belt. It's just a normal black belt, with the Philippines flag on it. But you can't see it, because his jacket is long. His shoes have a Philippines patttern on them. The sole of his shoes are gold/yellow. He has a normal Nike shoe, but instead of the Nike logo, it says "Mino". If he doesn't wear a t-shirt, he wears a long sleeved orange shirt without the wristband. Just below his knees, he wears this kind of orange legging. His underwear is always anime- or game-related, since he's a big geek.
History: When Mino was a child, he didn't have any friends. He mostly spends his time with his sister, Yume. Mino's real name is Marcelino Ebero Shinya. (Tetsu: I wanted to name him Micheal, since that was my neighbor's name in the Philippines xD But I named him Marcelino instead, because of my mom's name "Marcelina")


While spending his time with his sister, he learned more about how to live as a girl instead of a boy. So he got interested in boys at that time.

At the age of 8, he and his sister got a pet. It was not just a pet, it was a magical doll, a dog, called "Spike'.

But Yume disagreed and called him "Muffin".

Mino never had the chance to decide things on his own, so he let others do that for him.

At the age of 15, his sister decided to dye her hair. Since she was into the Netherlands this much, she chose for orange. Of course she told the hairdresser to dye Mino's hair too.

2 years later, after meeting Nitomi, he decided to color his hair again, but this time two colors; orange and brown. His sister disagreed, but she still liked the design and colored her hair too.

Yume has always been taller than Mino. But Mino has grown in these years, and now he's 10 cm taller than Yume. He stopped growing already. And since he plays basketball, he trains a lot and got some nice abs.

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