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Western Name: Paradise
Eastern Name: パラダイス
Kana Pronunciation: パラダイス

Gender: Male (He/Him)
Age: 18

Release Date: September 2, 2021
Group/Team: World's End

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Annuntium
Managed by: Annuntium

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Voicebank Distribution

Paradise (パラダイス) ~FLORESCERE~ Download:
Paradise ~FLORESCERE~ is a Husky Multipitch VCV+CVVC voicebank recorded on the notes F#3, A3, D4, as well as a C5 Falsetto pitch. He includes extras such as glottal stops, end breaths, vocal fry as well as english R and L samples. This voicebank is intended for most genres.

Paradise (パラダイス) ~NEFARIAM~ Download: TBD
Paradise ~NEFARIAM~ is a Powerful Multipitch VCV+CVVC Voicebank recorded at F#3, A3, D4, and G4. He includes extras such as glottal stops, end breaths, and vocal fry. This type of voicebank is intended for powerful rock songs but can be used for other genres as well.

Paradise (パラダイス) ~ARPASING~ Download: TBD
Paradise ~ARPASING~ is an English ARPASING voicebank recorded at (WIP). He includes extras such as glottal stops, end breaths, and vocal fry. This type of voicebank has the same tone as his FLORESCERE voicebank and is intended for the same genres but in English. It can be used for other genres as well.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 6'0 (183 cm)

Weight: 161 lbs (73 kg)

A newcomer in the idol industry, Paradise aspires to charm people with his picture-perfect image.


Build/Physical Description: Strong Arms/Lean - Orange Hair w/ Red Streaks, Jade Green Eyes, Fair Skin, 5 Different Colored Nails (nail polish)

Likes: Baseball, Mangos, Bamboo, Jewelry, etc.

Dislikes: Fast Food, Cows, The Dark, Messy Clothing, etc.

Nationality: Japanese

Favorite Item: Wallet with a Bird of Paradise flower on the front


As far as personality goes, Paradise is what would often be considered a "Rich Kid". Adorning himself with clothing bought with his families riches in a way to cater to his own desires rather than to flaunt or brag to others. Because of this, he could actually be considered rather humble at heart past all of the fine jewelry and name brand clothing. Additionally, Paradise often holds good intentions in most of the things he does, wanting to look out for others and help in the ways he can. Though, this is often sadly misconstrued due to his affluent exterior, causing others to assume he is doing so for his own gain rather than to help.
Paradise is also often jokingly bullied by the other members of his company, such as Orchid and Daiki Hadeawa.


Paradise was a well-off high school graduate under the name Paju *"Patsy"* Enomoto. He was one of the popular kids at school, being completely friendly yet brash and competitive with his classmates. Academic wise, he is surprisingly above average, given his airhead behavior sometimes. Athletics wise, Paradise was one of the top players in his school's baseball team, managing to hit home runs almost every single game against local schools.
It was during his 1st year he realized he wanted to be an idol. Mostly deriving from his childhood, him and his parents would enjoy watching local idol concerts to support their town's community. Though due to his Father's death in an unfortunate car crash, Paradise knew he had to do the most ridiculous to honor him. Paradise's involvement with the car crash caused the loss of his own voice box due to the severity of the incident. For the rest of his 1st year, him and his mother was saving up money for a technologically advanced voice box, one that is very unique yet efficient. His mother, being Irish yet raised in South Africa, looked at the Birds of Paradise flower as inspiration for his career. Also realizing that his cousin Orchid is an actual idol whose image focuses on a flower, she suggested that he would become Paradise, as a clever nod towards their relative. …Even if she did not approve of it.
Once he finally graduated, he began applying to multiple companies, resulting in his recruitment at the World's End company, where idols such as Orchid work at.

If you would like to learn more about Paradise, check out his toyhouse page here:


❀ Although Paradise's English name is Patsy, he greatly dislikes when anyone calls him this. His friends will often jokingly call him this to tease him.

❀ When angered, Paradise will jokingly threaten his friends with his baseball bat.

❀ Paradise was able to play the violin when younger for about 6-8 years but didn't continue doing so after the fact.

❀ Paradise is bilingual, being able to speak both English and Japanese.

❀ He works at an idol company with friends Daiki Hadeawa, Tes Hanta, Phoebe Hanta, Rose, Orchid, Yumi Shousuika, Kiakane, Zophie, and Jett.

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