Proxima Aida
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Western Name: Proxima Aida
Eastern Name: 相田プロクシマ
Kana Pronunciation: アイダプロクシマ

Gender: Female
Age: 4.85 giga year

Release Date: October 3, 2015
Group/Team: Aida Cloud

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Technical Details

Voiced by: kagamipagami
Managed by: kagamipagami

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Voicebank Distribution

VCV-CV U2 DL:!proxima-aida/t19f3
Mic: BM-800
Type: VCV-CV (Mono Pitch)
oto.ini: VCV-RyanKun CV-KagamiPagami
Voice: KagamiPagami
Flags: D2Y100H0B0h0b0c99
Resampler: resampler.exe or EFB-GT.exe

Terms of Use

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Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Character Details

Height: 5 ft 6 in/167.64 cm

Weight: 134 lbs/60.7814 kg

DOB: 4/8/1915
Character Item: A bag of space food
Sibling: Warui Aida (
Likes: Katsu Banana, Warui Aida, The Doodlebops, Blood, Axes, Singing, Snuggies, Galaxy/Stars, Space/Astronaut food, and Lying.
Dislikes: Being caught, Orange Juice, Dull Objects, and Bugs
Personality: Proxima is a sweet girl who wants no one to be hurt, except when it comes to Katsu Seishinbyo. Katsu Seishinbyo has been in her life for a long while and she has fallen inlove with him overtime. Hoping one day he will return the feelings and not be friendzoned by Katsu, she does her best to keep any compitition away…even if that includes murder. She is always stalking him and making sure all UTAU girls who flirt with him "disappear". Isn't fond of fangirls either. When Katsu is really mean to her she sometimes gets very depressed and blocks out the world. The only who she'll talk is to about her problems is Warui. Other than that she's kind of a nerd. Since she was named after Proxima Centauri, one of the closest stars to the Sun, she likes to pretend she is the human personification of P. Centauri…pssh nerd.

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