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Western Name: Ronnir
Eastern Name: ロニール
Kana Pronunciation:

Gender: Partial (male)
Age: 21 years before death, 1.5 cycles after death

Release Date: March 14, 2016
Group/Team: Fractured Hope co.

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Technical Details

Voiced by: ?fivaprole?
Managed by: Sightseed

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Character Details

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 65 kg

Race - Shadromancer; Gender - Partial (assotiate himself as male); Age - 21 years before death, 1.5 cycles after death; Height - 175cm; weight - 65kg;
Location - green part.
Likes: Bright colors, different kinds of music, adventure books, pixel games
Dislikes: Alter (Hatori Longshadow)
Personality: Ronnir was shy and clumsy before his death, he was almost "cinnamon bun". It was easy to make him cry. After his death Ronnir becomes a little bit bitchy, and acquires huge hatred and hostility to Alter. Also now Ronnir is sharp-spoken, selfish and two-faced. He think that only one right way to communicate with other people is to use them. He doesn't trust to anyone and will help you only if you will be useful for him.
Personal lore: He was obedient boy named Ronnie Paranormal. Umm, not normal boy. He was suffering from Klinefelter syndrome, and had a lot of problems in his school. Also it was really hard to him to keep fit.
The only thing which he could do perfectly - cause lucid dreaming. He traveled in his dreams and try to hide there. One night he met a man in such dream, Alter. A man, who was handsome and nice with him at first way, but then fooled him and killed him. After this, that man discovered that Ronnie was a dreamer, not a common shadromancer. Alter tried to correct his deed, asked to the consul of green part about reviving. Consul helped him, and Ronnie revived as common partial shadromancer. He wasn't able to use his previous human name, so, Alter called him as "Ronnir". Now he works as a singer in Dareka's pub. Also there he met Nikolas, and after one case he became Ronnir's crush. Ronnir sing only for him, when he visit the pub.

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