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Western Name: Rose
Eastern Name: ローズ
Kana Pronunciation: ローズ

Gender: Female (She/Her)
Age: 18

Release Date: July 2, 2021
Group/Team: World's End

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Annuntium
Managed by: Annuntium

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Voicebank Distribution

Rose (ローズ) ~CORDATA~ Download:
Rose ~CORDATA~ is a Mellow Mulitpitch VCV+CVVC Voicebank recorded on the notes G3, C4, E4, along with a C5 falsetto pitch. She includes extras such as glottal stops, end breaths, and vocal fry. This type of voicebank is intended for melancholic or soft songs but can be used for other genres as well. This voicebank is intended to be often paired with Orchid's ~INVICTUS~ voicebank.

Rose (ローズ) ~ADMORDEO~ Download: TBD
Rose ~ADMORDEO~ is a Powerful Multipitch VCV+CVVC Voicebank recorded at G3, C4, E4, and A4. She includes extras such as glottal stops, end breaths, and vocal fry. This type of voicebank is intended for powerful rock songs but can be used for other genres as well.

Rose (ローズ) ~ARPASING~ Download: TBD
Rose ~ARPASING~ is an English ARPASING voicebank recorded at (WIP). She includes extras such as glottal stops, end breaths, and vocal fry. This type of voicebank has the same tone as her CORDATA voicebank and is intended for the same genres but in English. It can be used for other genres as well.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'3 (161 cm)

Weight: 108 lbs (49 kg)

A novice and reserved idol, Rose sings to her heart's content with her lover Orchid. They're in a subgroup within their idol company called CROSS.


Build/Physical Description: Average - Rose Colored Hair, Bright Ruby Eyes, Fair Skin, No Nail Polish

Likes: Orchid, Candles, Dorayaki, Naps

Dislikes: Stairs, Competition, Meat, Ill-Mannered Songs

Nationality: Japanese

Favorite Item: Crimson-colored fan with an Rose flower pattern on it


Being very reserved in natured, Rose has a habit of getting easily fatigued when it comes to many situations. To combat this she will often choose to recluse and either take a nap or remove herself from said situations. In contrast to this however, she becomes very open when around her lover Orchid. Taking on a personality that contrasts greatly to her normal one, even going so far that one could consider her "two faced". Additionally, Rose will often become very interested and passionate about certain things, especially her girlfriend Orchid. She will often daydream about these things and seek to learn as much as she can about them.


Throughout her life, Rose had been struggling with her own identity. Born from parents who would work day and night shifts, there was usually nothing else to do. She was also surprisingly extroverted, despite staying home mostly all day. So she had to entertain herself while school days past. With her average yet outgoing personality, she created quite a large number of friends, yet one left one by one like flies. It was until the moment she saw an upperclassman with black hair and blue eyes, the moment where she decided to dream about working in the idol industry once figuring out who this mysterious girl was - making her shut herself from her classmates and friends due to her strong fascination.
Just before Rose graduated, she began to find ways to apply to become manager, rather than attend college like a normal teenager. She began applying to plenty of companies as an intern or an assistant manager, yet only one company allowed her on a trial. That is when she finally met the mysterious girl after more than a year. Rose, at first, felt nervous, because she is officially working with a girl she admired for so long, yet the chemistry became well developed due to their clashing personalities. An introvert-turned extrovert and an extrovert-turned introvert… a strange yet matching combination that strengthened their relationship.
After months of living together and managing her lover's career, her lover Orchid gives her a chance to become idols with her. Rose, with no second thought, agreed, as she was dreaming for this day ever since she met her. Rose, who was an average girl fated to work as a business woman, had instead reached her dream, setting foot in a company that would accept the both of them.

If you would like to learn more about Rose, check out her toyhouse page here:


❀ When angered, her voice tends to become very brash and loud, even going as far as to hurt some people's ears.

❀ Rose is not allowed to traverse the large stairs within her company building alone since she was involved in an incident where she fell down 3 flights of stairs. Miraculously, she was relatively uninjured after this.

❀ Rose has a tendency to get easily startled, often leaving her feeling flustered and on the verge of tears.

❀ Rose is a vegetarian and will not consume any form of meat.

❀ She works at an idol company with friends Daiki Hadeawa, Tes Hanta, Phoebe Hanta, Orchid, Paradise, Yumi Shousuika, Kiakane, Zophie Ariti, Jett, and Gyoku Shu.

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