Ryuunosuke Aoyama
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Western Name: Ryuunosuke Aoyama
Eastern Name: 青山リュウノスケ
Kana Pronunciation: あおやまりゅうのすけ

Gender: Male
Age: 14

Release Date: July 20, 2016

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Mattsuran
Managed by: Mattsuran

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Voicebank Distribution

=== JAPANESE ===

Ryuunosuke Aoyama CRIMSON
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zqrd35j6dt2kmc6/Ryuunosuke_Aoyama_CRIMSON.zip/file

Type: VCV
Recorded Pitches: G3, A3, D4, F4, C5 (Natural) | C4, G4 (Power) | A3, E4 (Whisper) | A3 (Nasal) | G3 (Dark) | C4 (Cute)
Recommended Range: E3 ~ F#5
Recommended Resampler: Moresampler
Recommended Flags: b-2Mt10Mo10Mb-5g2

Ryuunosuke Aoyama LASTSONG
Download: TBA

Type: CVVC
Recorded Pitches: C4, E4 (Natural) | G4 (Power) | A3 (Whisper) | F3 (Dark) | D5 (Falsetto)
Recommended Range: TBA
Recommended Resampler: TBA
Recommended Flags: TBA

=== ENGLISH ===

Ryuunosuke Aoyama ENGLISH
Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qxo13swn887qfnx/Ryuunosuke%20Aoyama%20ENG_VCCV.zip?dl=0

Type: VCCV
Recorded Pitch: E4
Recommended Range: F#3 ~ D5
Recommended Resampler: Moresampler
Recommended Flags: b-2Mt5Mo-5Mb5g2

=== SPANISH ===

Ryuunosuke Aoyama SPANISH
Download: TBA

Type: VCCV
Recorded Pitch: C4
Recommended Range: TBA
Recommended Resampler: TBA
Recommended Flags: TBA

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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 1,63 m

Weight: ???

Species: Android
Nationality: Chilean
Birthday: July 20th

Likes: Eating sweets, playing videogames with friends, searching random stuff in Google, Trivia games
Dislikes: Bad translations, reading, animals that aren't cute, insects, bitter food, pumpkins, drawing

Personality:: Ryuunosuke is a shy, short-tempered, and idealistic boy. He'd rather be with a small group of friends than in a party or any place with lots of people.
Tends to bottle up his emotions and is extremely self-conscious. He becomes really hyperactive when he gets anxiousand/or he's hyped for something.


  • Ryuu is awful at cooking. Eight out of ten times he cooks anything, it ends up uneatable There's a one in ten chance he's gonna burn something. The only times he cooks nice stuff is when he's helping Rafael
  • He's fluent in Spanish and English, and he gets quite annoyed when someone butchers either language.
  • His parents are scientists and they created an android called Rafael Tsukiya as a companion for him, so he'd have someone looking after himeven when they are working 24/7 overseas.
  • His full name follows Hispanic naming customs. Ryuu's middle name is Tomás and his maternal surname is of Hispanic origin

Related Characters:
Rafael Tsukiya - Adoptive older brother. Ryuu and Rafael are always arguing about petty stuff. Ryuu enjoys his company and wishes to be a bit more like him.
Bing Yukihara - Best friend and classmate. Rafael would trust his life to Bing without thinking it twice, Bing wouldn't.
Kaori Torimero: Good friends. They get in trouble frequently.
Mizune Hoshiin: Friends. Ryuu gets overwhelmed by Mizune's hyperactivity but they get along easily.
Kato Torimero: Friends? Ryuu and Kato don't talk much unless Kaori is in the conversation.

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