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Western Name: SilverCross
Eastern Name: SilverCross
Kana Pronunciation: N/A

Gender: Male
Age: 14 (Biologically)

Release Date: May 2, 2017
Group/Team: Davloid (Da-Viid / Dav-P)

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Da-Viid / Dav-P
Managed by: Da-Viid / Dav-P

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Voicebank Distribution

SilverCross and all other UTAUloids created by Da-Viid / Dav-P are reffered to as "Davloids"
SilverCross has a very childish and young male voice.

Recommended Genres: SilverCross sounds best with up beat genres like pop, rock etc. Although he will work with most genres (Depending on how you use his voice)

Un-Recomended Genres: Screamo, Death Metal (Although you can try SilverCross with these genres, he may or may not sound that great. But please feel free to experiment)


Optimum Flags: B60g-4Y100C100t0.2F1
Modulation: 0
Consonant Velocity: (leave blank)
Recommended Resampler: resampler.exe (Default Resampler)

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  • VCV Japanese Voicebank (Monopitch) [WIP]


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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 4 feet, 7 inches

Weight: 96 Pounds

Name: SilverCross
Nickname: Silver

Full Character Profile


Dr. Hai - Father, Creator, Fellow Davloid
(Dr. Hai is the one who conducted the science experiment that resulted in the birth of SilverCross)

CopperCross - Older Brother, Fellow Davloid
(Even though SilverCross is technically older than Copper, because Dr. Hai created Silver before Copper. Silver is still considered as the younger brother of Copper, because Copper's physical age is older than Silver's. The kitten used to create CopperCross was siblings (litter-mates) with the kitten used to create SilverCross. This is how CopperCross and SilverCross are siblings)

Lloyd Ryune - Best Friend
(Even though Silver and Lloyd are both shy, they get along as friends. They play together a lot and get along nicely, like a pet and it's owner)

Len Saito - Boyfriend / Lover
(SilverCross & Len Saito love being with each other. They love to cuddle and play with each other. Silver tends to get very flustered and embarrassed around Len Saito)


  • When alone with each other, Silver & Len may try to sneak in a few kisses with each other. They don't like being seen being romantic with each other.
  • Len is more outgoing than SilverCross, so he is always the first person to introduce Silver and himself to others when together. This embarrasses and flatters Silver, but he doesn't mind it.
  • Silver and Len love to sing duets together. They love each other's voices.
  • If either SilverCross or Len Saito is attacked, they will both protect each other and fight off their attacker.
  • Both Silver & Len love to play with each other's ears and tails. They try to be careful when doing so though, because Len hates having his ears pulled on and Silver's tail is very sensitive.

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