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Western Name: SoNo
Eastern Name: 其の
Kana Pronunciation: ソノ

Gender: Female
Age: 19

Release Date: September 15, 2013

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Technical Details

Voiced by: SombraShadow
Managed by: SombraShadow

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Voicebank Distribution

▪SoNo's voicebanks supports both Romaji and Hiragana.
▪She is able to sing in Japanese and various other languages.
▪Her voice has a slightly deep and mature tone to it and can sometimes sound masculine.
▪She can be used for any type of music genre but her voice is well suited for Rock and Electronica.
▪SoNo's recommended resampler is the default one.
▪To increase the clarity in SoNo's voice, set flags to Y0H10F1
▪For her VCV voicebanks her recommended consonant velocity is 120.


▪POWER [CV+VCV] (A voicebank with a much more of a bold and confident tone. Also has an accent.)

▪SOURPUSS [MULTILINGUAL CV] (A very strong voicebank meant to emulate the emotions of bitterness and anger.)

▪MOXY [CV+VCV](Japanese CV+VCV voicebank. Sounds more emotional.)

▪SERENE [VCV] (Soft and mellow toned Japanese voicebank.)

▪ENGLISH [VCCV] (An English voicebank using CZ's VCCV method.)

▪APHELION [MULTIPITCH VCV] (A multipitch VCV voicebank.)

▪CLASSIC [CV] (Basic Japanese CV voicebank that is easy to use and beginner friendly.)

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: '5'6" (167.6 cm)

Weight: 118 lbs (53 kg)

sono: (Latin) Make a sound; be heard
sono: (Esperanto) Sound

Coffee Bean

SoNo is usually very calm and collected but she can be sarcastic, antisocial, and condescending. She does not enjoy being surrounded by many people. She tends to keep to herself most of the time; but will speak her mind whenever she needs to. She's rather cynical and believes that most people are just hypocritical, uncaring and self centered. SoNo is actually very shy but does not want people to see it that way. A lot of people view her as grouchy, rude and mean spirited. Sometimes she may also be seen picking on Bellini; but only as harmless fun. It is very difficult for her to make friends due to her extremely distrusting nature. She rarely shows her kind side; but when she does break out of her shell, she is very caring and protective in a motherly manner. Unfortunately, she can be a bit overprotective and may cause trouble.

▪Cherry pie
▪Listening to music.
▪Singing to calm her nerves.
▪Making people feel unwanted and unaccepted.
▪The color Macaroni & Cheese(A very pale orange color).

▪Blueberry pie
▪Stupid people
▪Loud and nosy people
▪People who dislike the color Macaroni & Cheese(A very pale orange color).

▪She has a Hispanic accent.
▪She can sing in various languages originating from Latin.
▪Works full time as a singer/performer at a local coffee shop.
▪Secretly likes collecting things of "kawaii" nature. But, don't tell anyone….
▪Likes to make squealing noises to annoy people on purpose. She actually finds amusement in this…
▪Offered Bellini to live with her after discovering she was left homeless and hiding in an abandoned warehouse after escaping a freak show.
▪Bellini seems to be the only person she's actually "nice" to and cares about.
▪Talks in her sleep and kind of snores.
▪Rarely smiles unless it's to make fun of someone.
▪Becomes slightly neurotic when asked many questions.


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