Sora Matsuo
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Western Name: Sora Matsuo
Eastern Name: 万谷ソラ
Kana Pronunciation: まつおそら

Gender: Male
Age: 18

Release Date: February 23, 2017

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Sors
Managed by: Sors

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Voicebank Distribution

His current status is Version 2 (V2), as of the Hirogaru CVVC Update.
His CV VB are retired as of 2017, due to low recording quality

V1 CV:
A medium power Voicebank, recorded at F3.

A Powerfull bank recorded at C#4. Get's muffled up in lower notes.

Hirogaru (Currently V2):
Multiexpression CVVC Voicebank, recorded in:
- Power (F3, A3, D4, G4)
- Soft (F3, A3, D4, Falsetto)
- Edge (A3, D4, G4)
- Whisper (C#4)
- Dark (D3)
- Shout (C5)

Default set to Power + Shout, to activate Soft, add S to the sample. For maximum capacity above C5, remove the C5 pitch from the Prefix map. To activate Whisper, add W to the sample, to activate Dark, add D to the sample. Edge works as ending vowels with "-" at the end of them.


A strong VCV Voicebank recorded at E3 and C4.

English Core:
Strong-to-natural English VCCV Voicebank recorded at E3 and C#4.

Weak CVVC Voicebank recorded at D3, Gb3 and C#4. It manages progression from Dark to Soft to Whisper.

Extension of Hirogaru, Power CVVC Voicebank recorded in 6 Pitches (D3, F3, A3, D4, G4 and C5). Raises in power alongside pitch, Powerscale style.

Joke Voicebank. Inspired by Akme Iku and Yuutsukoe Karasu BL. Samples are moaned instead of sung. Lite VCV. CV Samples have some frequency errors. Not meant to be Serious.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, even to derivatives created without permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Likes: Binge watching anime or netflix, Lucy, gaming, dancing
Dislikes: Doing stuff, being caught dancing

These Headcanons are accepted and supported. They do not reflect anything truly canon, and do NOT have to be accepted. Sora can be however you want him to be.

Sora's Voicebanks and and different designs are seperate entities and have all different personalities. They can be treated as anything: Siblings (Mostly Quadruplets, since V1 doesn't count due to being retired), Friends, Clones or anything else. Please do note that this concept is merely an accepted headcanon, it is not meant to restrict, and can be ignored in favour for other headcanon. In fact, the latter is preferred, and headcanons may be shared with Sors, via PM or in this special thread: As for the Personalities, they are as followed:

V1/CV: He retains Sora's regular personality, and is the only one to use the old Kanji to write his name. He tries to be liked by the other Soras', but fails, due to his low quality recordings, german accent and status as a CV Utau, even though he claims to have a smooth oto for a CV.

Hirogaru/Main: (This personality can also be seen as "canon") The self-proclaimed leader of the Sora bunch. He is a rather positive and uplifting person, who usually talks in the C#4 and F4 Pitches when he is excited, in the F3 Pitch when calm and in the G#2 Pitch when gloomy. He tries to get attention, and has a small dislike for Tsuyoi and they often argue about their hairstyles and outfits. However he regards all Sora's to be his brothers. Due to being the english design during the Beta, he is capable of speaking english. He also retains the personality of being romantic and flirtatious to girls, and a tsundere to guys, even his fellow "brothers". He also loves to cosplay, but gets embarrassed when caught doing so, and also would love to one day crossplay - cosplay as the opposite gender.

Tsuyoi: The 'edgelord' of the group. He pretends to not enjoy the compliments about his voicebank having a beautiful tone and being more appreciated than Hirogaru, but in reality loves to see Hirogaru being jealous, yet ends up being the victim of gay jokes from Hirogaru and Kire due to his croptop. He pretends to ignore them, tho when out of sight, he muffles an insecure "It's not gay…its cool!"

Inferno: The troublemaker of the group. He is a self-called punk and likes to scare the others by bullying them kind of; being the only one who can make Tsuyoi and Hirogaru get along and work together. He often threatens them with beat ups, and likes to shout (due to his powerscale status). He is sadistic, but actually mostly nice to the other guys, tho they fail to recognize that as he gets easily annoyed by Hirogaru's and Tsuyoi's fighting.

Shimo: The shy one of the group. He loves his design very much and due to his shy nature is often protected by Kire from being the unintentional victim of Hirogaru's and Tsuyoi's constant bickering.

English: The grounded one. According to himself, he is the only one who is "Normal", even though he has his own quirks, mostly being distracted easily by nerd-ish things. He doesn't get why he was designed to resemble Luka, and is sometimes the bullying victim of Tsuyoi and Hirogaru, being called a "cringey crypton rip-off".

They also all share a love for videogames, as well as the same genres: Dating Sims, Fighting games, JRPGs, Action, Hack and Slash
He is cheerful, lazy and sarcastic; however the rest of his personality is up for interpretation, but he becomes a Tsundere when in a relationship with a male; he is bisexual.

In the Akuloid Series - a UTAU group where each one represents one of the seven deadly sins - he represents Sloth; due to his lazy behaviour. Thus, in his Hirogaru design, his hoodie as well as hair highlights are light blue - the colour of sloth.

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