Tsubasa Arugo
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Western Name: Tsubasa Arugo
Eastern Name: 亜留郷翼
Kana Pronunciation: あるごつばさ

Gender: Male
Age: 18

Release Date: March 1, 2016

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Technical Details

Voiced by: WinterStar
Managed by: Lasaillax (formerly WinterStar)

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Voicebank Distribution

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Character Details

Height: 6'0" ft (182.88 cm)

Weight: 139 lbs (63.04 kg)

BACKSTORY: When Tsubasa was a little cub, he was abandoned by his biological parents; who were later killed by a mysterious hunter.

He was found by Kyoko, a young girl and her family: Annette, her mother and Shizuka, her father. Kyoko felt really bad for him and insisted to his parents to keep him; which they did, and Tsubasa became their pet wolf.

When he grew up, he became anthropomorphic and grew angel wings. Kyoko and her parents were really surprised by it, and gave him some clothes to cover his body.

Then, they started considering if Tsubasa was old enough to go on with his life or stay with them and become a member of their family. Kyoko's parents decided that she'd leave the choice to her and Tsubasa; and so he became an official member of the Arugo family.

ABOUT: Tsubasa is a fun loving guy that loves his close friends and beloved ones. He is really caring and considerate to those around him. He can become very hyper-active when he's really happy, which sometimes scares his friends. He admires many people, like Ken Shippai (very close friend), Ohne Kuno (his crush), and Merisdae (his idol). He's actually usually very calm and loves singing.

LIKES: Astronomy, Pastel Colors, Music
DISLIKES: Hell, Black Holes, Meteoroids

SPECIES: Wolf/Fox Hybrid

Ohne Kuno (Inspiration & Crush)
Ken Shippai (Very Close Friend)
Mava (Frenemies)
Kazuki Unmei (Acquaintances)
Kuroda (Acquaintances)

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