Changshi You
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Western Name: Chángshì • Yóu
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation: 犹 • 尝试

Gender: Male

Release Date: October 11, 2018
Group/Team: Xin-Sheng

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Voiced by: Dima Tumaly
Managed by: Sightseed

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犹 • 尝试 (Still • try) Yóu• chángshì
Formerly human, a master of sword and battle.
Was choosed by higher powers to stop Shiqu Xiwang's madness, but failed his holy mission.

​Shiqu cleared his memory and damaged his soul to make him obey her. Damaged part of You's soul turned into evil spirit, who started to follow him everywhere.
Now You is Shiqu's weapon and soldier, who does all dirty work instead of her: his main work is collecting lost souls and bringing them to Shiqu's court.
As a person You is kindly and well-mannered man, who sometimes can be even childish due to the lost memory. He will never hurt anyone untill Shiqu does not order to do this. As for Shiqu's orders, he can became really cold one and won't hear anyone untill he complete ordered mission.

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