Yoyo Macounne
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Western Name: Yoyo Macounne
Eastern Name: マクーン音ヨヨ
Kana Pronunciation: まくーんねよよ

Gender: Female
Age: 18

Release Date: July 2, 2020
Group/Team: FreakPie

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Technical Details

Voiced by: macnsneez3
Managed by: macnsneez3

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This bank is pitched up similarly to Teto Kasane, so there may be occasional quality issues.

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Character Details

Height: 157.4 cm(5'2")

Weight: 50.8 kg(112 lbs)

Yoyo is a bright and outgoing girl, she tries to make the most of every situation and is rarely in a bad mood. Even when upset or angry she puts on a strong attitude to put others at ease. She's a vocalist and guitar player in a Pastel-themed Rock band called "FreakPie".

Her name "マクーン音" is an amalgamation of different things, being Macoun, a variety of Apple, and "ne" meaning "sound", making his name a kind of play-on-words to resemble Macne Nana's VOCALOID iteration, マクネ. Yoyo, a reference to Rap, a rhythmic lyric style in music.

Yoyo's design is based on the iPad mini 5th Gen.

Kimi Macounne (Band-mate)
Mion Macounne (Band-mate)
Taro Macounne (Band-mate)

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