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Western Name: AZO-BA
Eastern Name: AZO-BA
Kana Pronunciation: あぞ- び えい

Gender: Male
Age: 6

Release Date: September , 2018
Official Site:

Technical Details

Created by: AzoSBear
Voice Source: Azo Sorabara
Derivative Type: Agebend
Flag Settings: g-33
Other Technical Details:

Using any Azo Sorabara Voicebank apply a g-33 flag to achieve the voice of AZO-BA

Azo Sorabara_Lollipop Romaji + Breath - Waiting Video VB Release
CV Romaji Voicebank, Moresampler Recommended

Azo Sorabara_GummyBear - Completed, Waiting Video VB Release
VCV Romaji and Hiragana Voicebank - Moresampler Recommended

For AZO-BA's demos visit
All official covers by AzoSBear that include AZO-BA at
To view AzoSBear's Official YouTube Channel visit
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Derivative Status: Created by voice-source owner.
Please see voice-source UTAU's page for applicable Terms of Use.

Character Details

Height: 4'3"/130 cm

Official VocaDB entry
Animal Vocal Code
A - Anthropomorphic
Z - Zappy
O - Overjoyed
B - Bear
A - Anthroid
AZO-BA was created by a scientist/roboticist as a gift to his only son Azosy. Since the father mostly worked all day at the laboratory and didn't really spend time with his son. So he created a robot that resembled his son. Even giving the robot a similar name. The robot was very childish, adorable, and friendly anthropomorphic bear cub. The son Azosy loved and cherished the robot very much. Until the "incident" occurred. Leaving Azosy lost in a "parallel world." Azosy's father tries countless times to fix this but it always ends with failure. Eternally feeling that he would never get his son back. He threw everything that made him remember his son including the robot. The robot thrown away for years rusting over time felt that it was the end, but then a young roboticist found him. He fixed the robot and restored him to the adorable bear cub he was before. He also gave him a singing voice to entertain the people with wonderful songs.

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