pandora boxley cv 1.0
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Western Name: pandora boxley
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation:

Gender: female
Age: 16

Release Date: October 31, 2008
Official Site:
Group/Team: ai/annaizabel

Technical Details

Created by: me…
Voice Source:
Derivative Type: Agebend
Flag Settings: pandora boxley
Other Technical Details:

ai chan or annaizabel is the rightful claimant
I don't forbid any sexual expression.,politilacal expression, religious expression etc basically,If I judged something not good for my personal reasons, please stop opening to public and delete it

Derivative Status: Created by voice-source owner.
Please see voice-source UTAU's page for applicable Terms of Use.

Character Details

Height: 1,75cm
Weight: 56kg


BIRTHDAY:october 31,2014

RELEASE DATE :february 15,2015

GENRE:Requiem,pop music and gore music


CREATOR :Anna Izabel or my nickname Ai chan


ok, pandora is a kind girl,smart and shy and very curiosy,love her Family, lives in the deeps woods in mable hoodle,she lost her memories so only what her remenber is her name and her age.she try found her memories but some times not Works that way she have a mentaly like 8 years.

but she need blood for keep she alive but some times she can eat cherry candy´s especial lolipops

she loves animals, she is a creepypasta too,she is a android like hatsune miku, but she is not only a android… she is demonia and a vampire too and a bug from a game call the box this game is hard found is a hack room but upload in deep weeb,pandora is a little sensitve when the problems is the heart, she hate love and valentine days.., she have a cable usb for recharge,wings for fly.

she have magic power but the are limited she need have her bandage in her eye, she can summoner

lost souls for fight (the bad one….) she can use her dark magic for make melody when sing , she have a weapor call

darkness sickle, she favorite skill is the shandow cut.. she cut the enime in half , in the word she lives she have 2 nicknames

Grim reaper or The Lost Flower

OH! one more things…. dont give soo many candýs or she going be relly out of control

well is that personality she try sing in cv vc and in cvc her idol is ritsu namine

well is that please take care she don´t like be alone soo much :)

Ai chan.

Supplemental Information

hair color: the pure White

eyes color: one eyes is red with a machine heart draing in her eyes but can´t se because she use a bandage for cover

and the other is a purple neon like Crystal

Earphones:is a pumkin head

Dress:she have a funny dress because is inspire the dress of bad end night and alice madness returns

she Always dress like gothic or black and White

she have in back a ribbon and a music note in the front.

she Always carrer she key for every she go.


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