Project Sonata

This is a new UTAU named Sonata. My main goal of Sonata was to have people in the overseas make original songs with her, collect them into an album, and then donate ALL the money to charity.
The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance to be exact.

As someone who knows many people and friends who suffer from neurological conditions, I want to help in some form. After spending so much time in the community it became apparent to me that a lot of people use music and art as coping tools, ways to vent, ways to feel better and happier. It’s a creative outlet that can be used instead of being self destructive. I want to support that.
Vocaloid and UTAU have let me meet many new friends, people that are very dear to me, people who have helped me realize that life is very very precious. Through art and music creation, I feel like I’ve found my reasons for being here. I want to inspire others.

And that’s where Sonata came in.

Since I wanted many people to be able to use her, I’ve made English, Japanese and Korean voicebanks. Her Japanese is VCV, her English is VCCV, and Korean is CVCV.
Her voicebank is still in the works, but is planned to be released publicly on New Years Day. However, producers on board with working on the album will get her on November 10th!

If you’d like a small demo of her BETA voices right now,click here! If you’d like to share her website and look for more details, click here! We also have a twitter for updates at @utausonata

I can’t make music, but I want Sonata to help inspire you, and help you create. I know she’s just an UTAU, and not a new Vocaloid, but I want this to reach people. We're hoping to get at least 12 producers to each make a song for the album. We currently have 9 on the project right now, including PianoBench, Dysto-P and others!

If you’d like to contact me if interested in producing a song for her when she is released or would want to do any kind of promo art, please email me at moc.liamg|uatuatanos#moc.liamg|uatuatanos (for the sake of organization).
Any questions,I'll be happy to answer!

Thank you very much!

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