ALiCE Kyohakushi
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Image by MaaruL (KiinqHimee)

Western Name: Kyohakushi ALiCE
Eastern Name: 巨擘死 アリス
Kana Pronunciation: きょはくシアリス

Gender: Female
Age: 18

Release Date: November 28, 2013
Group/Team: DOLLoids

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Technical Details

Voiced by: MaaruL(KiinqHimee)
Managed by: MaaruL(KiinqHimee)

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Voicebank Distribution

ACT 4 VCV: Private
ACT 5 CVVC: not done yet

Voicebank is VCV only.
Resampler: Resampler or fresamp (for softer results)
Flag - Y60B15BRE0c99g-6
Consonant Velocity - 150


This voicebank is completely free, you're not allowed to, in any way, make money from using it.
Nor are you allowed redistribute it claiming it as your own.
Do not pitch this VB to create non-canon characters.
And please credit KingHimee/MaaruL whenever you use this voicebank!

Also remember to put in "Kyohakushi ALiCE"/"Kyohaksuhi AI"/"MaaruL" in the tags whenever you upload something,
featuring this UTAU. I would love to be able to find your works!

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden.
[* Click here to view the full terms of use for this UTAU.]

Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 6'5" ft (197 cm)

Weight: Unknown

Gender : Female

Species: Doll (BJD; Ball Jointed Doll)

Character Item: Cleaver Knife

Personality: ALiCE is know to be a childish yandere. She can be very obsessive with things she adores and can end up trying to kill anyone who interferes. She has heterochromia. She has a twin brother whom she is rarely seen without and is very cheerful compared to her pessimistic brother. The story of how she became a Ball Jointed Doll began when she was a little girl and she got lost in the woods alone. She looked everywhere to get away but was unable to as she wasn't used to being alone. All she saw was trunks, trees and flowers but eventually she came to a clearing that had a simple wooden cottage with an ancient tree in the middle of it. ALiCE approached to see if anyone was available but all she had seen through the windows were beautifully crafted dolls; Porcelain, Plastic, Wooden, Silicone and many more types. However, only one caught the young girl's eyes. She knocked on the door to find there was no answer but the door was unlocked. She let herself inside and used a stool to reach the doll that was out of her grasp. At this point her hand was grabbed and she was pulled back. It was an elderly woman, the mere presence of the woman scared the young ALiCE. This woman was a witch and crafted dolls to animate and curse depending on her mood and she was very unhappy the little girl was trying to steal her precious dolls. She called ALiCE spoiled and greedy and decided to curse the girl for her greed, teaching her the value of precious possessions. The witch however loved ALiCE's unique eyes and decided she would create two new dolls for her collection. She cursed ALiCE and turned the girl into an animated Ball Jointed Doll until she would learn her lesson and let the girl stay in the house as she was now a doll belonging to the witch. After a few days passed, the witch left as ALiCE slept and left the girl a companion in the form of a male ball jointed doll. When ALiCE awoke, she was met with this doll's face. He looked exactly like her including her eyes! He merely stated "AI" as his first words and thus ALiCE named him so and it was close to her own name. She tried to find the witch but she had disappeared, leaving the two dolls to care for themselves. After contemplating the two decided to call themselves twins and began their lives anew.

Likes: Sweets, Taking Dolls (Meaning ALiCE never learned her lesson and scared that it might take AI away), Having a companion everywhere to talk too(AI), Orpheus Ondoro, Animals, The colors black and blue.

Dislikes: Fangirls/boys, Insects, Witches, Loosing things.

Related characters:

-Kyohakushi AI (TwinBrother)
-Minuet Aoi (Best Friend/fellow doll)
-Asuka Aoi (friend)
-MiNAMI (Best Friend)
-Yozane Leo (Best friend)
-Yozane Iimo (Best Friend)
-Yozane Teno (Best friend/Fellow Yandere)

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Image by MaaruL(kiinqhimee)

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Image by MaaruL(kiinqhimee)

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Image by MaaruL(kiinqhimee)

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