Kato Torimero
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Western Name: Kato Torimero
Eastern Name: 鳥めろ加藤
Kana Pronunciation: とりめろかとう

Gender: Male
Age: 16 (13 when created, 2 minutes older than Kari)

Release Date: December MAYBE NEVER! Just kidding, but the release date is undecided., 2015
Group/Team: Asymmetrical Note

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Technical Details

Voiced by: PolarLatte
Managed by: PolarLatte

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Voicebank Distribution

CVVC Default V1

CVVC Default V2:
Frequency Average: 184.5 Hz (F#3)
Logical range: A#2-D#4

Frequency Average: ?
Logical range: ?

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, even to derivatives created without permission.
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5.5" ft (164.592 cm)

Weight: 75 lbs

*Asymmetrical Note is a small group who just do what the typical UTAU user would do. Nothing different, except we're just staying together!



Old wiki page

Birthday: ? (Presumed to have the same birthday, or at least somewhere close to Kari due to being "twins." That's not the case, however.)
Created on October 26

Model Number: "0130" (right after Kari. Visible on his V2 design)

-Relaxing/Slacking Off
-Occasionally picking on friends
-Switching between languages

-People randomly disturbing his relaxation time
-Being compared to his sister
-Being reminded of his V1 voicebanks/The V1 days

-Usually quiet around strangers
-Occasionally cheeky, usually towards people he finds no interest in
-Likes to avoid trouble
-Doesn't trust easily, tends to walk away from possible threats
-Sometimes lazy.
-Pretty calm/composed, unless challenged*

*That being said, he's an opportunist at times and would accept almost any challenge that's fired at him.

Related Characters:
Kari Torimero - Sister, originally his genderbend
Athena - older sister, no voicebank… yet.
Haruka Onnoha - best friend, metaphorical brother (WIP Voicebank)
Hakani Onnoha - Friend(??)
Zeri - Cousin
Koe Kandakai - Friend
Aika Rikimaru ("Muscleman") - Cousin/Relative

Outside of Asymmetrical Note:
Shifuku Oni - "Allium cepa"
Mimo - "Giant tree."
Sounon - "Ginger… Also giant tree."
8_Bit Glitchy - "Lavender taco man"
Harene Sei - "The dream dweller"
Hana Haru - "Flower woman"
Shiawasena Yume - "Jelf the elf's normal and kind cousin"
Shicara Ongaku/Leia Emi - Accquaintence
Yoru Yuki - "Moon kid"
Hajime Isamu - "A bee."
Pineapple-chan - "Spongebob's house supplier"


*Kato is a bitter kid. He frowns upon the fact that he's short, or so that's what he thinks. He usually likes avoiding trouble, but ends up in it anyway. Usually determined to get things done in the right manner. Unlike Kari, his height is actually natural. As a result, he sometimes has a crisis about whether worrying about his height or having no need to grow. He knows English, Japanese, and Tagalog (unlike his sister) and usually likes to cycle between them when speaking for no good reason at all. He always tries to seem smart but occasionally loves to joke around with others and give them nonsensical nicknames. He also likes to grab some words from other languages and use them. (Ex: Hello? How ya doing? Malapit ka, no?"/"I'll be going now! Au revoir!")
He's actually mostly Filipino shhhhh…

He may seem like a chill and relaxed person, but he seems to be hiding something from his past.
Would you like to read what had happened about four years ago?

Favorite catchphrases:
Main Catchphrase : Pending…

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