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Western Name: SunCloud
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation:

Gender: Male
Age: 14-28

Release Date: November (the date is unknown. ignore the date that is given) , 2016
Group/Team: MoonStar Team

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Technical Details

Voiced by: MeowToBe
Managed by: MeowToBe

encode0.png alias1.png config0.png

Voicebank Distribution

He has ten voicebanks currently in the beta or recording phase being fixed right now.

SunCloud VCV: out for testingβ.zip

SunCloud Solid: Beta

SunCloud Dark: Being oto'd

SunCloud CVVC beta:

SunCloud French: Being recorded

SunCloud CVC Rus: Being debated

SunCloud Chinese: Soon to be released

SunCloud Español: Oto being fixed and will soon be released

SunCloud CV: You have to ask me for his CV voicebank

SunCloud CVVC English: Being recorded

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Unknown
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 6'3 (190 cm)

Weight: 156 lbs

SunCloud is apart of a project called the moonstar project, but has also been more or so separated from it kinda and has become mainly his own thing for the most part, but still retaining the moonstar part, just not as mentioned often.

A few factors of this design have been either changed or abandoned. For instance, most of his current designs got rid of the brown ears and swapped to yellow ears to fit the hair colour. Another example is his pony tail, mainly has been kind of abandoned but some people still draw him with it.

Sunclouds personality is someone who is sweet and kind, but also can be harsh and honest. He is known for being open minded and is willing to learn about something if he has to.

His cannon love is Shinji

Now then on to alternative SunCloud, or shall I say, Edgar.
Edgar is an alternative to SunCloud. Edgar is just SunCloud, but cowboy. So you could call him cowboy SunCloud. But it’s easier to call him Edgar because it’s shorter and more simple.

Edgar’s personality is that he is very very sweet but is brutally honest and can be extremely independent, but once you get him to open up, he’s the most dorky person you’ll ever meet.

But he is very shy. Since he is also based off cowboys, he does have an accent, but not a very strong one. It’s like a mixture of a western accent to a southern one.

He’s has a cannon lover too, which is cowboy shinji. It’s just Shinji but cowboy.

Edgar's favorite drink is whisky.

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