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Western Name: Yugche
Eastern Name: 육체
Kana Pronunciation: ユグチェ

Gender: Male
Age: 18

Release Date: September 2019, 2018

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Vocazone
Managed by: Vocazone

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Voicebank Distribution


Core: A2, D3, G3, D4, F#4

Soft: A2, G3, D4

Power: D3, D4, A4

Falsetto: A4, C5

Extras; Vocal Fry, Glottal Stops, English L's R's(all appends), CVVC compatibility for all Appends, growls(if possible).

Other Voicebanks in planning:

6 pitch 'tender' whisper bank

10 pitch CVVC bank 'bright' colored

5 pitch CV-C English bank

5 pitch CVVSORS English bank

6 Pitch Soft Arpasing Bank

4 pitch VCCV French bank

5 pitch Korean VCV bank

1 pitch Screamo VCV bank (reminisce of his first voicebank in 2015)

Mythology Guide:

Castor: Twin of Polydeuces, the mortal of the twins who fatally died.

Asmodeus: Prince of hell, ruling over the sin of Lust.

Victoria: The Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Nike. The goddess of Victory.

Hecate: The Greek goddess of all things magical, as well as ghosts and crossroads.

Yaldabaoth: The Gnostic evil god created by the Archon Sophia, who was casted from the Pleroma and created humanity in ignorance.

Arsene: Gentleman Thief and Master of Disguise created by French Author Maurice Leblanc. Arsene has been represented in many series, especially Japanese Media, mostly the Lupin III franchise.

Kouzeon: Japanese localization of the goddess of Mercy and Compassion, Guan Yin. However, Kouzeon is just a secondary name.

Hestia: The virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, and the right ordering of domesticity, the family, the home, and the state.

Thanatos: The personification of literal death in Greek mythology. He was born from Hades.

*Note: The rule for all Yugche voicebanks are to be named after mythological persons.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'9

Weight: 157

Yugche is a caring person who tends to lean in on the masculine side of himself due to personal interest. He has a best friend, Stardust(soon to be made into an utau) who is a Daemon from another realm. He is very easily embarrassed leaving for him to be teased a lot by his other friends.

Lore: In Seoul, Korea, Jun Eunhye was born into the earth. He grew up in a normal world, a normal life. His mother tended to be the only one one, his father always out for work. One day, his father went missing in a public place. Every witness accounted him being dragged down into the water by black figures with white glowing eyes. Jun was sworn into a depression for most of his life, and one day when he was 16, an Alien creature arrived on his yard. A black figure with pearl eyes, slim body with white hair. Jun was terrified to see exactly the description of what kidnapped his father. The creature was also afraid, only hearing of the waking world, the world of God. They slowly communicated, yet the feelings were extremely tense. Jun learned that that creature was not what kidnapped his father, but the creature was a Daemon, named "Fheal'um", in which Jun calls him "Stardust" for he looked like a sky with stars on it. Stardust and Jun kept developing a friendship for months, until Stardust needed to visit his homeworld, "Aetri" an entire world encased by the worlds Ocean, yet it is not inside Earth, but the ocean is the barrier between realms. Jun goes with Stardust, since Daemons treat humans in high regards, knowing Earth is made by their God. Once there, Jun embarks on a journey to find out about another human who has entered the realm. A Japanese girl named "Kami Atarashi". On the way, a Daemon named Mephistos stops them, wishing to inject an afraid Stardust with a mysterious liquid. This confrontation leads to Jun getting angry and stepping in front of Mephistos and confronting him. At the same time, something happens to Jun, in amidst of all this drama a voice calls in his head, telling him to fight back, show this arrant fool what will make his fall. A contract of souls interlocking, allowing a "Bastion" to project from a soul of the lake of devils. The soul spoke "If he, a wretch commenceth, a horrid act. I, protectorate of this part will banish thee to a intrepid hell to where thou wilt a prisoner become. Fight back, infectee of peril. I, Prince Charming" and the contract was sealed, leaving a large man to materialize and put the situation in Jun and Stardust's hands.

Character Information:

Arcana: The Moon
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sexuality: Homosexual
Likes: Reading, Computers, Video Games, Mythology.
Dislikes: Flowers(allergy), K-POP, Furries, Bad Magic Users.
Favorite Food: Sundubu-jjigae(Soft Tofu Soup)
Friends: Haru Masashi, Stardust, Shei, A'una, A Tree(His Boyfriend), Genzai, Mario Fuwa, Maria Fuwa, Riyoko, Prince Charming.

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